Swali Nyeti Kwa Watu wa Diaspora

For the record, I am not hating. I myself have travelled and had short study courses in more than a dozen countries, including the US, France and South Africa.

Lakini kuna kitu @Purple alisema juzi ikanishangaza; she/he agreed with Trump in calling Kenya a shit-hole country.

Now, everybody is entitled to their opinion. I am also well aware that the net is a democratic space - you can join any forum of your choice.

What I am puzzled by is this; diasporans, you left this shit-hole called Kenya of your own volition. We respect that. We back in the old country wish you well.

But given the fact that you left, why are you obsessed with our business? Why are you always up our noses like crazy turds?

I myself have never ever joined an American/German/British or whatever site. Not even Facebook or Twitter. I join sites like KTalk because this is where I belong. Why do you find it so necessary to join a site like this to tell us about your heavenly lives out there? Why don’t you stick to sites of your domicile country?

Surely, you don’t miss us? You don’t miss this shit-hole? You don’t feel an emotional emptiness that is gnawing at your soul like a ravenous rat? Are you finding it difficult to fit in your new country, given you came from a shit-hole yourself and are Black? Do you come to sites such as KTalk for validation?

Please, we gave you up the world. Please stay there. As it is, we have our own troubles back here without having to put up with your crap about Randan, Paggi, LAX, and Berlindora.

Just leave us alone, sawa?

[SIZE=3]PS: Mzito @Ka-Buda is exempt from this rant. [/SIZE]

They’re made of the same shit hole stuff as us who are still here. They criticise us here for ‘not doing enough’ (why did they themselves not do anything but instead ran away?)

Ni manugu sana, na wazungu wanawadharau (even someone treating you well can have thinly veiled contempt). It gnaws their soul. So they go to their home country forums where at least they can feel superior.

He he he he he he!

By the way I wrote this before I saw the exchange involving @Purple in my other thread…

It’s very psychologically grating for them. They’ll say that whites treat them so well, are welcoming, etc etc. But that ‘kindness’ sucks for them because it makes them aware that they’re different. They can see through the fake kindness.

This happens to disabled people too. They hate being treated in a special manner because it reminds them of their disability.

About those welcoming white people, no matter how liberal, will weep bitter tears at night if they heard one of their kids has fallen in love with those ‘nice people from Kenya’.

I also don’t like people who cant find anything positive to say about anything/anyone…but I have no problem with positive and logical criticism, it makes us grow either as individuals or nations…Kenya is a great country and we are forever pointing out the positives but that doesn’t mean that people remain mute when we mess…Am always complaining about American food and weather…hata huyo Trump simpendi…kwani iko nini.

Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.”
– Winston Churchill

I saw the aussie senator on KTN last night

Alikuwa anasema?

You ( @pamba uliitwa jina gani na guka?) mwenye unashinda kwenye tovuti za magazeti ya waingereza, sasa umegeuka mzalendo nambari moja, tayari kuwakashifu wengine?
Acha kuwa mjusi kafiri…

Well I’m just as much Kenyan as all of you, just because I live abroad doesn’t make me any less. I was born there and will be buried there. Deal with it!! I’m an investor too, as many diasporans are. Our remittances are the number one foreign exchange earner for Kenya (more than tea, coffee and tourism) so our impact is HUUGE! You can’t deny that, and the money we send just keeps growing year by year. They say, ‘where your treasure is, your heart will be so.’ Our investments at home speak for our collective patriotism. Moreover, we are more valuable to Kenya living and working abroad than at home. Our absence creates vacancies so we don’t have to scramble for the oftentimes limited opportunities there. I love kenya and miss it everyday that’s why I come on this site to chat with y’all. Sometimes it gets quite impersonal here and ktalk is a little piece of nirvana on earth. Please don’t take it personally when I offer constructive criticism. A loving Father disciplines only a son in whom he delights…so I won’t leave you alone. :slight_smile:

Yapping about governance in aussie and Kenya with a rough Nyeri accent

Wacha yule ako randan afike,

Sawa. I like your calmness. I also like your patriotism and your frankness. However, if you re-read your reply sloooooooooooooooooooooowly, you will see what I mean. Kenya is almost a $100 billion dollar economy (when you factor in the black economy), and remittances are just about $1.5 billion if am not wrong. Yet, given diasporans HUUGE! chip-on-the-shoulder attitude, you’d think we all depend on them for the very air we breath.

Head held high

@FieldMarshal CouchP takes all possible positions on every issue. Consistency is not a big concern of his. He’s only interested in making the best argument for whatever thread he’s creating. Kesho atafungua uzi akimuunga mkono Trump kudhalilisha waamiaji weusi.

Brare coomernina! Are you saying that I am an unprincipled Nile cabbage?:D:D:D:D:D:D

Knowing Guka very well, this thread is about @Purple , ni mahindi anarusha. Very smart.

Enda comments section


I have nada to add to your comment. If I was asked to name one KTalker that rubbishes Kenya, Fiund takes the 1st position. Oh his rants pre-election were making my head hurt. Fiund you have a habit of opening your own rant filled threads and woe unto anyone that disagrees with your views. The other day you sat down and ranted big about the young ‘birrionaires’ on KTalk. Vvv tacky thread. Just let people be.

But if you must rant, quote the truth. In this ‘shit hole’ thread, @Purple does not support Trump’s comment. She is just objectively stating the truth. I thought you were above these sort of comments…who would have thunk?
https://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/shithole-countries.66979/ . I cannot add anymore to what Purple said but just to let you know that you cannot wish us away just like that by the stroke of your pen. Nein. Afraid that won’t work, you just wasted a few minutes of your life that you will never recover. I am sat here thinking that if you were the Head of Immigration in Nyayo Hse you would introduce rules that ensured that we stayed out here forever. Eeeeish. A forum thrives on embracing different characters. I do business with Talkers in Kenya.

People should be proud of wherever they reside. I know quite a few Diaspora talkers here who will not divulge that infor here for fear of such matusis.
Not my kind of thread so I am bouncing.

Trump had the balls to say out loud what a large percentage Americans (White) think of Africans (Blacks). Even the poorest of Chinese who eat dirt call Africans monkeys. So if you are black and coming from a shit-hole country and you support Trump, well just know to him you are also shit.