Swali kwa wanaume

Those who “go down” on their ladies, how is that like? Is it worth it?

My penis is big and it has a tongue.

kuma naweza lamba ni ya dem ame bloom virgin wa 15 years

Acha ujinga paedophile

Malaya mkubwa

It’s like driving a manual and an automatic car. In one, you are engaged, the other you just press the gas and brake pedal.

so ,do you lick coomer or no? hatutaki parables

Its not worth it kama hajanyoa. Utahitaji toothpick baadae

shida iko wapi si mimi ni muisilamu na prophet MUHAMMAD alitomba dem wa 15 years akapata ball .

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Coincidentally I ate pussy just the other day for the very first time.Been with her for over 1.5 years na alikuwa certified Virgin. Anyways i licked her and her pussy tasted very neutral. Yaani there was no particular taste to it ni kama nilikuwa na lamba izo primary desks. Important thing to note her vagina trully smells nice. She always gets wet but it was very extreme that time. Nilifikisha threshold akaruka on top of me kitu 15 minutes after her pussy still dripping wet. No foreplay was needed (I was recovering from a dry spell) my dick just slided in na tukamaliza story.
Hope this information will somehow better your life.

I find a mixture of tongue and fingers work better. Tongue licking and sucking her clit while your fingers rub her G-spot at the same damn time. Keep going till you get locked jaws. lakini know to know when she has cum juu wengine after cumming huwa sensitive sana they don’t want you touching their clits so you might ruin the moment.


She was 9. She was called Aisha.

Is it from experience?
How did you ask for the toothpick?

father tangu uoe mkamba umepotea sanaa

Hizo sio tabia za kufanyia mama watoto ,mambo ni missionary pekee,tabia mbaya peleka kwa malaya.

You just lick urine and the remains of menses

I have never and I will never do that shit…

copy cats za wazungu, Shauri yenu…
Skuizi cancer zinatokea tu ovyo ovyo… jana tu kuna mtu alipatwa na throat cancer na akaitisha mchango aende india…

Lambeni nunu kabisa, utaskia teeth csncer na mchango

It calls for maximum commitment.

mkamba anakupelekeeesha mbi kitimba…?