Swala Nyeti

Hii mambo you hug a lady and you feel a hard thing kwa mgongo its like you are hugging a DR Congo rainforest tree. Huwa ni nini? and they are young ladies. What purpose does it serve and for what reasons are they using it? Am sure they are young and dont have any back problem. Ni nini inaendelea?
@panktcha and @Luther12 maybe you might have an idea if its a trend or a medical issue

Maybe ni bullet proof vest.remember the president said “security begins with me and you”

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Just ask them.
an object that one need not, cannot, or does not wish to give a specific name to.
[li]personal belongings or clothing.[/li][/ul]

you are a guilty user of the said item.


wewe uko dunia ingine

do you mean this…er…thing?


I havent seen it. Its a thing that i feel and cant see. so sijui. Back ya dem ndio inafeel ngumu kama mbao


YOU ARE …[ATTACH=full]33993[/ATTACH]

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corset !


It is as you been told by @gashwin It is a device usually used by ladies to hide matairi and vitambi making them acquire smashing figure 8 appearance. The result is that el stupidos like YOU get hooked until wakati wa dwy fwy. Then all those constricted muscles are released and the previously nice looking mwoman resembles a pregnant pig…

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Hahaaaa, or a baby hippo, kana queen wa mûthûa, (mother termite)