Swala Nyeti

Imagine …
If that was your Sister …??

A whole Generation of Lost Souls …



Hizi picha tuliona kitambo

Wanaume hawatoshi mboga !


Padre let nothing cheat you about these happenings. I’ve been in the middle east long enough and I can tell you for sure lesbianism is real out here albeit chini ya maji.

Just the other day I was in the parking lot in one of the parks hapa hapa (summer time, parks hushika starting majioni till very late at night/morning) and there was this Nissan patrol that parked next to me na bila uwoga au mapendeleo these two young lads clad in their buibui chyeth decided to make up right before my ndethe eyes. Nlikuwa ndani ya mbathi tint and they dint bother checking the coast, I swear kidogo nrudie my old ways. So yes KUSAGANA iko international.

Good for you …
Any input on the discussion …??

Then START something positive …
Like giving free Relationship Seminars …

hapa hakuna kazi…ni wanaume wamee akili

Sioni shida na vile wanafanya

Hehehe. Norma bro.

Omwami @uwesmake is the solution…

It is certainly not due to the lack of proper Diets …is it …???