Swala Nyeti

Swala Nyeti Kabisa …
What is happening to our Women…??
Who is to Blame …???




ngoja tu hapo… wanakuja.

Hio ya pinstripe suit inakaa kitu swafi

Boss …
This is no laughing matter …


I wonder why this bother you

Dunia imepasuka :eek::eek::eek::eek:

You Said it Bro …
However , are there any viable solutions to this vexing matter …??

our women are collecting souls…our men are to blame


Juu ya heartbreaks.deadbeats etc

By default women are predisposed to lesbianism, and lesbians are hot. They hug one another tightly while smashing their melons, peck and kiss each other, go in pairs to toilets to do God-knows-what, and are fond of having sleepovers.
What I’m saying is, ongeza mbisha na uwache kusumbua.




None of them are even Kenyan.
Na vile nilikuwa nimefurahi threesomes zimenifuata hadi kwa neighbourhood.

Boss …
I am attempting to trigger a useful conversation on this weighty matter … not entertain you …
This condition will have serious repercussions on future generations …


:D:D Wacha hao “future generations” wang’ang’ane nayo basi. Wacha tusafishe mecho in peace.

Does it really matter …???
The pics were utilized to illustrate the magnitude of the problem …
and … we do have a problem …

Don’t you get it …???
If this sort of thing becomes the norm , there will be no future Generations …



Basi Kazi Kwenu …

Unfortunately I dont think so, people have become un-religious and embraced the secular world plus western traditions. Also this shit called free world. But if you look at the Muslim countries, these practices are outlawed and punishable by death thus they dont happen at all or happen in very high secret environs.

bado, ongeza picha



This behavior is EVERYWHERE … [ … Including the Moslem World … ]
However , in my humble Opinion , Criminalizing the activity is not the solution …
Perhaps Educating and Motivating our exposed misguided Females and working on our Deadbeat Boy Children …???