Swala nyeti

I still find Kenyan laws too rigid to consider and acknowledge interest of its citizens. What logic lies behind outlawing gay marriages? I think it is unfair that we do not have any exclusive law(s) protecting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people against discrimination based on their marital and sexual interests.
A people’s social principles are majorly drawn from their historical culture, yes… Most of our historic cultures did not accept most of these. But why not be open minded and realize that LGBT practices have very little or no interference whatsoever on the rights of other citizens.
Gay adopted children would be same as those adopted to barren or impotent parents. But contrary, practices such as sodomy are considered felony and can lead one to long jail terms…
What exactly lies behind these practices being considered illegal? On what logic are such laws based? Religious doctrines? Culture? Then we have freedom for all these.

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Georgina, is that you?


Faggorty must not be tolerated…


If we accept these western Non sense we open up a very big disaster/can of worms into our society.
Like I’ve said before these are habits and addictions , let people deal with them in private.
We need law for orphans and old people not for people with bad lifestyle choices .


Haya ni maoni yako Ama Ya shetani?

Closet imeMalaysia!

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Shoga nongwe,burukenge mkubwa wewe.

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Who is Georgina?

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dunia simama nishuke!!!

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The former, I’m thinking, aren’t I?

Coomerninar!!! Are you trying to challenge my opinions with insults? If the only conclusion you could make is that I’m a gay, then please come, be my bottom

Coomernyoko,are you are top or a bottom in perverted sense of freedom of choice?

butty boys should be shot on sight

We ni sokwe sana. hio maswali utauliza nyanyako

What’s crazy here?

saka mkia bila sarakasi na vituko mingi…shoga mjinga

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Jitetee tu

Whatever people do in their bedroom is non of anyone’s business. I really don’t see the point of making it illegal coz people still practice it behind closed doors tu

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Hizi ni zile ndume zinapayuka kwa Kijiji ati zimemiss uwesmakei…