Swala nyeti for the corded

Next week peaceful demonstration ni ya Monday only , Monday +Wednesday or Wednesday only.
Nataka kupitia Nai to and from Naks na sijui timetable ya Rao

Black Monday is official.Wednesday will be to assist UK kupitia IEBC kabla kuenda Nyayo

Might have to reschedule non-essential travel to Thursday it seems

You are so stale on news my friend, Madaraka day celebrations on wednesday will not be in Nyayo but Afraha Stadium in Nakuru…nktttt

Monday is clear

Citizen TV Kenya
6 mins ·
JUST IN: Cord suspends anti-IEBC protests scheduled for every Monday; says move to give dialogue and peace a chance ‪#‎CordDemos‬

Hii swali yako inaisha na full stop?