Swahili broadcasting in Nigeria

Western powers don’t like this kind of thing and could actually set out to finish it. Language has the potential to unite the oppressed


Hata chinese wanajifunza kiswahili

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With a complely different objective of course.


To colonize East Africa

This is a nice move. Ni kama nigeria has a plan to connect with Africa. Kenya ndio tumezembea we are only confined within our demographic region. Back then I thought KTN News had the ambition of connecting africa kumbe I was wrong.


But on DSTV I see nigerian channels broadcasting in Igbo, fulani etc.

Chinese are ahead of the games. Met Some Chinese ladies from China Central TV fluent in Swahili back in the mid 2000s bana walikua wametumwa Tanzania na their gova kumbe they had sized us up kitambo

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Suuuweet! Their swa is better than ours. Mimi sikubuki nikiogea githweri hibyo. Mimi sijuagi githweri musuri nyamna hiyo. Githweri yagu ni Bure saidi.

Who owns = controls DSTV ?

Generally, most nyeuthi would consider it conspiracy theory to suggest that US/UK have already identified this as against there interests and have already laid down a well funded plan to kill it kichinichini.

Alafu when it falls, it will be presented to nyeuthis as another African failed effort