Suzuki Swift Vs Toyota fielder

Small but spacious…kwanza ukulalisha kiti ya nyuma

why not buy a nissan note new shape DIG-S ,fuel consumption upto 24km\l…i own one so from experience…bei kama tu ya suzuki swift but ni kubwa than swift

Kama unajiskia na 2010 mazda Demio 93000km ongea msuri

Buy a Honda fit 1.5l… very spacious powerful and economical

@ how much?

For the fewest & far between mechanic visits, solid economy & longevity, a manual transmission Toyota Fielder will do, with all due diligence checks on mechanical & paperwork done. That Honda Stream…have you seen the ground clearance & the approach (front) angle of that thing? Ever heard it’s whiny CVT in motion? What about it’s sensors? Resale value when that time comes? The cost of ownership/service & parts? What about the Suzuki Swift?

Do the math slowly locked in a small room alone without a broker, woman, child or alcohol near you, and in no rush.

Have you thought of a Honda Fit?

Boss, watu wanaongea juu ya vitu ya maana…

Do not go fielder though being the better option reason being they are locally overpriced and you will only afford an old car with issue. plus you will never have peace with side mirror theft etc. Go for nissan note, demio, raum etc you can get a newer car with that budget.

Nissan note is said to have transmission issues. Owners, past and present of Nissan note share your experience.

Never compare a Toyota machine na izo takataka mnajaribu kuita gari!

Won’t it be an issue to get comprehensive insurance for a car that is valued less than 500k or older than 15 years.