Suzuki Swift Vs Toyota fielder

Hello guys,So i have been planning to buy my first car and i was thinking between getting a suzuki swift(not locally used) or a locally used toyota fielder,my budget is 600k. NOTE: I just started up a business and i didnt want a car that will drain my business but i also need a car i can go for a road trip with my family,i have a wife and 1 kid.I will appreciate your feedback.

For frequent road trips, get the Fielder. But for first time car owners, I usually advice guys to buy a newer locally unused car. That way you won’t be inheriting nasty mechanical issues, which could become a money pit and drain your cash.

The road trips are just once in a while.

For a first car…don’t spend so much… maintenance inaweza fanya uchukie gari…Anza na gari ya around 300, get a Mazda demio previous model…it’s quite spacious,and not much maintenance needed for a good condition car…has good luggage space also…if u go Toyota…kumbuka rivets mob,na tracking…coz it’s more vulnerable to be stolen

what about the Suzuki swift,one that isn’t locally used?


Kama ni mtu wa kuenda dunda, asijaribu fielder. Itaenda!

Noted,Thank You.

I have to tell you this, you love your wife, you love your kid, …you wanna have more years with them then consider this:
[li]Toyota has the poorest crash safety rating than any of its competitors in each of their models. Plus, Toyota vehicles are never stable. Go to car hire or a buddy and drive a fielder for around 50km clear stretch, now get a Honda Stream and drive it the same. Note, you cannot compare a fielder with a swift, it only competes with a honda stream. You need a safe car, dont do fielder.[/li][li]Toyota vehicles, and especially fielder, kwanza fielder has been a car jacking magnet for over a decade now …you dont wanna chance your life basically roll a dice on whether your day with the fielder and carjackers will land on good ones who wont hurt you nor your family[/li][/ol]

Fielder but ni hot cake ya wezi

Thank you. i appreciate

honda stream seems to have a high consumption,12km/L compared to its competitors Like toyota wish with a 16km/l

Nani alikuambia? Also, you seem poor to own a car. I suggest bado ungoje hadi you have your finances in order.

Why is it that ist new model sells at a higher price than a fielder yet its 1300 cc

You are too nosy my friend!

How old are you?

My wish makes 18km/L on a highway…town is about 14/15km/L.

Seems a good car,about spares availability am not so sure

Honda fit for a small car ,this will serve you well. Don’t buy a locally used car especially a Toyota.

Look for functionality if the car is for business use mostly…why do you think there are many probox(es) around? It carries load like a pickup…and has low fuel consumption…more of a work horse than a fielder…nunua gari ya 300k,the remaining invest in your biashara…a car is as good as moving you and your stuff from point A to B…Mambo Ingine ni vanity