Suzuki gixxer 150/ 150 SF

Thinking of purchasing one but can’t seem to find prices on Kenya or reviews in Kenya.

Can anyone assist?

Ebu try to contact them here…

Ndio hii moja inauzwa

Review waindi waneziandika kibao

260,000 if you negotiate with them Sohan sons kijabe street

Thanks for the feedback. That is for the 150F or the 150 going for 265k?

Hii gixxer nilliona kwa barabara nikaichukia instantly. For 260 ongea na @introvert akupee suzuki ya maana alitengeneza

i think the naked it 260 and faired 275k respectively.

u should aso go to kahawa wendani to dayun. they’ve brought in some serious benelli bikes from 250cc -500cc with the 250ccz going for the 240,000 the 150 Suzuki is retailing at.fully regd

I hear the only issue with the benelli is the spares. You have a point, its better to get the benelli 250cc than the Suzuki which is overpriced. In India the 150sf is being sold at 150k

I am selling my Kenyan registered gixxer sf; Yom 2016.
Any one interested or referrals will be highly appreciated.

Interested, send pictures to my mail

Is Suzuki Gixxer 155 available for sale