Suzuki 4WD

There was a version of this Suzuki modified by HH ( Helly Hansen) that had 2 engines. Front engine for front wheels and rear engine for back wheels. Kitu ilikuwa inpanda slopes za 54⁰

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What about the new ones

The new Suzuki Jimny can go everywhere due to the short wheelbase and 4 wheel drive. It is the only 4x4 that can go where other 4x4s like landcruisers cant.


It is the same with the 4x4 Toyota Rush that can go everywhere due to the short wheel base.




Are you sure about that? I don’t think a SWB Samurai would do such stunts without toppling.

Hii gari inakuanga na low range transfer case. Very nice offroad car.

Curious zinachezea how much new import?