Sustainable body weight and mass

I feel like I have been unknowingly overweight for a number of years. For a long time, I used to totter between 74 kg and 78 kg. Anytime I would get to 76 going towards 78, I would start feeling phisically uncomfortable and I would tire easy. There is a time I got up to 82 kg. Its the furthest up I ever went. It felt fat. My belly started bulging, I would sweat alot anytime I walked around the neighbourhood. We had been working from a regular ground-house pale Othaya road, ile ukitoka kwako, unatumia miguu from the gate ya ofisi to your chair, 20 meters, hadi jioni, with minimal to non-existent physical activities in between. We then moved to an office on the 5th floor of an 8 floor building without a lift. Those stairs helped me for the 8 months we worked from there. I managed to slice off by 6 kg from 82 to 76.
For a while nimekua between 75 na 78. At the peak ya pandemic, 78 ilinilemea nikaamua nikate kabisa. Nikapunguza msosi alafu nikaongeza kutembea tembea kila siku jioni.

Sai niko 70 kg. Someone told me I look unwell :D. However, I dont feel unwell. On the alternate, I actually feel way better, light on my feet and it just feels very convenient. Kuna habits nimereplace in favour of others mostly pertaining to food intake. I could cut further, I wonder what it’d feel like, but I doubt my mwarii would like to see that. Whether or not she doesnt like it when I do, I simply feel great physically at 70 kg.

As an MMA fan, If I were a fighter, I’d be a natural welterweight at peak. No chance in this division :smiley:

What is your current weight and at which weight do you feel most comfortable ?

From 78 to 70 is a lot especially if you are tall, it would definitely make you look unhealthy. The skin will sag, that weight cut also means you lost some muscles. 75 kg is normal for a man unless wewe ni mbilikimo

It depends how you lose it. I know of someone who lost 20kgs from 90 to 70 and he was perfectly okay. Infact he didnt have any sagging skin vile unasema but for him he lost that much weight in a span of 6 months meaning he lost roughly 3kgs a month. Its all about dedication.

Been 96kgs for a long time.Two weeks ago I had a nasty bout of viral gastroenteritis mbaya sana with average of 13 diarrhea sessions a day.At the end of day two I went to the hospital and they found elevated creatinine levels indicating slow but sure loss of kidney function due to dehydration. At triage my weight had gone down to 89kgs.Got better after two days of being admitted.Never felt better at 89kgs.Health is back in form,currently back to active lifestyle of gyming and running.I have embraced it as my ideal weight and I look at that food poison event as a blessing in disguise since it helped with weight reduction.

imebidi ni google triage banae

Count yourself lucky…wewe lazima hujaingia hosi for more than 2 decades. Na pia hujapeleka mtu hosi kwa muda

The fighter you’ve posted (Islam Makachev)is a lightweight not a welterweight, anyway my optimum weight is 88 and I am currently 91kg from 100kgs sometime last year.

In Africa, being obese is celebrated as a sign of prosperity. Loose wait and all manner of rumors start flying. Dropped from a high of 106kg to now 88kg and never before have I felt better. Shida ni kila MTU unakutana na yeye anashinda kukuuliza kama uko sawa ama umekuwa mgonjwa.

Kutuambia weight bila height haisemi much.

Yup. BMI

Nimengoja height sipati

Niko 85 kg at 5’7 height. BMI is at 29.35. Overweight . 27 years old. I know that I need to lose some weight but I no longer care about anything. I used to care and worry about the future kitambo. Not anymore.

89 kgs at what height? It might be okay for someone tall.

If you want to lose fat and maintain a good frame use heavy Weight training and make it lean towards High Interval Intensity training, it will maintain your symmetry due to the muscles being maintained and you losing fat. Get a meal plan and training plan from a fitness model who can even help with knowledge of supplements. Otherwise, if you diet and only do cardio e.g. jogging you will look frail and skinny, compare UFC fighters and Long-distance runners who lose weight. Sagging skin will only show if you were obese and are getting back to normal weight.

I am 66 kgs at 5"8, I am 31 years old.

I was 85kgs last year, I felt havy and fat. Lost 19kgs in 7 months. Iv maintained for afew months trying a body recomp so I get from 14% body fat to 10% body fat. For me it’s about maintaining my current muscle mass and reducing fat. I’m eating in a slight calorie deficit, I do 13500 steps daily, gyming 5 times a week on push pull legs program.

My calorie intake is at 2000 calories, 300-400 below maintenance


Sounds like you don’t have a job.

I do. A full time job.

I walk at lunch hour for 45 minutes (4500 steps) and I walk ever hour for 2 minutes.

At the gym I jog for 20 minutes on the treadmill which is 4000 steps.

I make sure I’m on my feet and active somewhat regularly.

91 kgs , 6’ 3".

Aki si wewe huwa na mashida mob.I do offer prayer as a parttime side hustle