Suspicious prices

So olx is basically a breeding ground for cons. There are however plenty of good business people. Case in point these cars zinakaa kuenda na 540k kweli? Ama it is a trap low balling the price to attract people to a con?
I have also seen new model premios going for 830k on average
[ATTACH=full]160792[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]160793[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]160794[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]160795[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]160796[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]160797[/ATTACH]

Utaambiwa iko Ngamia 1 utume za mafuta uletewe gari. Ama uletewe ile scam ya mzungu kugonga ng’ombe za masai

Forrowing crosely!

Hizi premio me huona huenda na 900k to 1m. Hizo subaru huenda na 700 - 850k on average. Si hizi prices low ni suspicious or it is just me seeing things
[ATTACH=full]160798[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]160799[/ATTACH]

Kitu huuza gari imetumika locally ni condition.

True. But unaonaje hizo prices? Nimeziangalia zinakaa good Condition

Usigongwe bro. Just leave it. Ama go for it so that the experience can teach you a lesson for life.

Some are repos which fetch really low prices. Eg, a guy takes his premio logbook valued at 1.2m to a Shylock and borrows 600k at 10% monthly interest. After 4 months, this guy has paid back 240k in interest and still has to pay 600k principal. He’ll most likely default. The Shylock takes the car that only cost him 600-240 = 380k and sells it off. Even if he sells it for 600k, he’s made a mad profit.

Eish hapana. Naogopa. Hawa wakora ni wajanja sana

This is true, but kwa advert si wanafaa kusema ni repo? Like zile za bank repo…then i thought the repo cars are usually auctioned. Ama pia wanauza tu direct? Be that as it may i still think seller should be clear it is a repo. It is enticing though, i must admit

Resale value ya subaru huwa chini but I won’t advice you to go for it .

Very common kwa olx ya South Africa.

Hawa watu ni mashetani I swear!

KAA mbali na shylock… Utalia chooni