Suspicious coincidences in Russia terror attack

  1. US Travel department issued a warning weeks prior, cautioning of an impending terror attack on Russian soil. Putin disregarded the warning and put zero measures in place.

  2. The attackers managed to massacre hundreds of civillians before successfully escaping the scene.

  3. There was an intentional delayed response by Russian Anti terror unit and police.

  4. Some citizens reported witnessing some of the terrorists walking the streets casually after the attack with their weapons at hand.

  5. Though ISIS took responsibility for the attack, Putin was quick to blame Ukraine in his first speech since the incident.

  6. The attack was captured in multiple angles. Why would any level-headed civilian record a video (while others are being killed in the floor below him) instead of running?

  7. The captured suspects share no resemblance to the terrorists in the CCTV footages. The skinny guy looks like he was picked on the streets by FSB and forced to take the blame.

  8. Strangely, the terrorists’ faces are blurred in the CCTV footage.

Hii ngasiya ya @sokwemtu nashuku iliua watu yake ndio aingie Ukraine vizuli.

Umbwa yeye

@Tauren onyesha heshima kwa msitooh putin.

the response to the evil ukronazis & their western masters behind the veiled ISIS attack will come swiftly at an appropriate time and will be very painfull and costly

It is a Putin False Flag Attack Game …
The only people being fooled are the Juveniles in here … :blush:

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Mungich akuna kitu kama iyo mbuana.

FSB would’ve had intel early on if it was a Ukraine sponsored attack as you sunggest.

Were it a genuine terror attack Spetsnaz wangetumwa hapo velly fast. But over an hour without any response from Russian authorities? Watu sio wanjinga mbuana.

Ukweli ni Putin ameua wananchi wake for his own diabolical angenda.

Ambia uyo munjinga revolution inafanya push ups mbut inakunja.

You remind me of dusit terrorists here some years back. Some were convinced it was staged and it really didn’t happen. Ati it had to take some muthungu guy to take down them alkebabs so why? How? When? Where? Et cetra. Ati because dusit was just a few steps from german embassy, and state house and all that shit yet they killed how many guys?

Regardless, we obviously will not be considering suggestions from other sources as we assess and explore and retaliate. We will file your concerns temporarily in one of our folders queued for deletion. Thank you.


Hii ni madharau gani @anon63245085 ? A dog takes my handle and also when I change my avatar he changes immediately. This is unacceptable @mundu_mulosi @Electronics4u @Old_Monk hii siwezi kubali

Can this really happen without their input? Just wondering…

Wat five minutes hio Malaya itakua imechange avatar to mine . Hii ni ubwakin.

Most of these attacks are usually false flags to attain a certain agenda. As much as I like the stance Putin (and Trump) takes on world events and support them to an extent, they belong to the group of “world leaders” and cavort all over with the likes of WEF and WHO and we know what their agenda is. I would not put this beyond Putin’s doing, though it has Sodom’s fingerprints all over. The truth will come out eventually.


It was Putin’s October 7th, seeing how effective Israelis false flag was, he had to pull his own.

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Pole mukumbwa.

We are friend.

Am here to ndefend you if uwesmacende attacks.

Utasikia iyo kimtu inakukasirikia ati ya israelis was not false flag. Umegusa pahali mbaya kwake.


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Have you defended bombardment occuring to your mom’s poosay first all ?ngite


Endelea na matusi. Mimi navuna maembe na maharangwe hapa Kathonzweni!