Suspicion Confirmed - Reason for COVID Rise

I always suspected the reason for the increase was money. Now see…

[SIZE=6]Broke Kenya seeks second Covid-19 loan from IMF[/SIZE]
National Treasury building. FILE PHOTO | NMG
Kenya has for the second time in less than six months reached out to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for budget support to weather the coronavirus economic hardships.
IMF resident representative Tobias Rasmussen said the government had asked the Brettonwoods institution for another loan following the $739 million (Sh79.3) billion received in May that Kenya sought to help it respond to the economic shocks caused by the pandemic.
This signals the gravity of the country’s rapidly deteriorating cash-flow situation that is marked by falling revenues and worsening debt service obligations.

I said it here: there iz nothing like corona in kenia

Hehehe not sure if is to laugh or lament for this country.
Do you know Zambia is about to default it Eurobond loan and they are literally begging for repayment restructuring. And yes you guessed it right. IFM is in the center of it.
Then these morons are going to the same devil for loans and advise.

Kenya na ile maliar ya grogon haina tofauti. Wacha katambe,leo munafungiwa until further notice:D:D:D:D

Kenya needs a sober president like Magufuli. What we have is

But there will be money for the BBI referendum shit. Kaĩ twarogirwo nũũ?


I’m at times surprised by the level of stupidity and gullibility by some Kenyans who believe the government cares about the citizens’ health.If humans didn’t have cognitive dissonance,the government wouldn’t dare lie so blatantly