Suspects who killed OCS and Chief in court




Those guys look lethal :D:D:D
Kudos D- mat…I mean Kenya Police for a job well done. Now I can sleep easy knowing these monsters are off the streets.

People from this county are generally hot tempered.those women though

Cant believe ma-shoshos macheted and burnt this chief

Yani chief na OCS wazima?!!..walithiokorwe na watu sampuli hii?..kwani wote walikuwa midgets?(…no offense to the village midget)

Are this the people who killed the chief and OCS. Jubilee kweli itatuonyesha maneno. Nimeamini sasa.

Chief and his kin were a menace ! Mtu nikona huruma ni OCS !

Their raging hormones have been curtailed. Just wondering where the jubilee govt was while this menacing morons were wrecking havoc in Tharaka Nithi for years.

A girl in our village back home screamed that there is a guy who want to rape her. She said that she saw a guy hiding in a nearby bush looking at her. We being the idlers we there, and luckily the guy was still there. We beat the guy with a whip but he was not running away or even crying. Then a guy who was passing by asked us why we were beating that mad man. I felt embarassed and swore to myself I will never ever participate in a mob justice.
Now in this case a suspect about to be arrested shouts ‘a thief’ and villagers come to his rescue, and a policeman is killed.