Surviving RKelly.

#metoo shit 2019 edition

  1. RKelly is a known freak, no doubt about that. He even sang songs about it. Not a crime if you’re being a freak with a consenting grown woman
  2. Rkelly is a philanderer. Openly sleeps with multiple women. Not a crime. Much akin to our polygamous neighbours.
  3. Rkelly is controlling and sexually harrasses young women. Slaps them around and locks them up in his mansions. -No mention on ongoing police investigation based on the victims claims.

1+hour documentary completely based on BS accusations on personal relations between consenting adults.
Ati since he’s Rkelly, she couldn’t say no although she again admits it was consentual.
All these women admit he revealed about what he wanted them to do where he wanted them to live and everything else beforehand.

I was expecting some hard evidence against the motherfucker for actual crimes he’s committed. 1 hour of rumors and unsubstantiated stories will only go so far.

OK some of the ladies are assumed to have being underage… Hapo I don’t support him. Lakini musically love his songs. Am on the 3rd episode, but still R. Kelly will survive this my thought!

Alpha males been picking cherry since 1610

Siwesmind kienyeji ya 15 years

Be warned.

This looks like a gay parade

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Uncle umevuka river jordan(siberia) na uko canaan sai

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Anyway, even Aliyah was underage and thats a child. The reason why thats statutory rape is because adolescence still have the brain of a child, they cant really weigh the cost vs the benefits. I am as feminazi as they come but frankly women also need to kick ass and not be the victim all the time. Something I learnt a long long time ago is that people feel alot of things for victims but respect isnt one of them. When I was about 10 years a man who was about 20 started making the moves on me, he had a shop at the shopping center I’d pass thru when going to school, the first two times he just said hi, the next time he said, I love you, ahhh! thats the point where I knew I cant be near this man anymore. He would follow me like he’s walking with me, so I just changed my route and I never saw the paedophile ever again. My dad never allowed me to be a snow flake, when Id go to him crying about being bullied, he told me bullies are the dumbest and most cowardly people you just have to fight back, so one day a hug bully wanted my snack and I said no and I was tiny and he was like say what, so he pounced on me and took my snack and kicked me so bad in the ankle I had to go to hosi but when I was down I saw a brick by then he was walking away I flung that brick as hard as I could to the back of his head, later I heard he almost died but after that NOBODY messed with me or my siblings coz they knew me.From class 6 to 8 I was deskee with these guy who was the first body of the school there was rumours that he was over 20. He used to terrorise wahindis extort money and food from them even baseball cards. When he sat with me he tried to bully me nilimchapa na knitting needles mpaka akasullender. After that he had respect we would actually share the loot - the proceeds of his bullying sprees. I dont know what its like to be a victim. When I started working my then boss was harassing me sexually, like he could sleep and I think already had slept with every woman in the office but he would just pick on me. Shit hit the fan the day he tried to step to me ati he wants to dara me. Nilimuchoma na maji ajue mimi ni moto wa kuotea mbali. Another time he told me to come to work on Sato we did not work on weekends ,so I just knew this guy is consumed by lust for me, he will prolly rape me if we are alone so I said I’ll go but I didnt on Monday akaniandikia warning ati absconding duty. From that day I never said hi to him or greated him even if he would greet me ilikuwa stone face na job . I was like who does this mofo think he is ,making my life at work miserable. I told him, hata nikiacha hii job nitakula na nifanye everything I want to do. I am not desperate so if you cant respect me hata mimi sitakurespect. You wanna be a punkass bitch I will be will be worse. So after some time he realised this woman is angry and she is serious. Akanza kunibembeleza oh you know you look so soft kumbe you can be this hard. I was just joking. Oh! Lemme buy you lunch to make for this. Heh! I was like I dont want your lunch ! And thats how it was till I got another job. I had attitude. I would never reply to his greetings and I always had a defiant look on my face. No more Ms Nice Guy. You wanna play hard boy. Come baby come! I mean why should you entertain nonsense? Hata kama mtu ni celeb why should you let them mess with your dignity? Why? Uma mtu akukumbukage. Heh! People start out thinking I am a very soft person but when theres no mutual respect baasss utajua mimi ni Mumeru boss. Nonsense.

@TrumanCapote very well said. There is no ‘gender’ harrasment/ violence there’s just violence and harassment. I wish more ladies would have your attitude.
Sidenote; you might want to change to a pink handle lest your labelled a veined tree holder the likes of which @uwesmake is into

you have omitted yourself, your avatar is very gay also

It aired on lifetime channel… Get it’s torrents and download if it passed you.

Umesahau the pervert alitoa sextape akikojolea a 14 yr old girl na hio tape ilikuwa inauzwa kwa hood.

I can understand if like Bill Cosby you were unknowingly drugged but most of this shit happens because a girl or woman intuition tells you not to do something then you go ahead and trust the other person coz theyre an authority figure or older or you dont walnna be rude or rock the boat,people pleasing! Many of those women said they could sense he was pressuring them to drink the beverage with the Quaaludes . why didnt they just respectfully decline? Unless you are willing to sell your integrity for a deal or something. I watched one of Weinsteins videos and I was like the jamaa crossed the line kitambo why was the woman just going along with it.

A few years back when I begun doing my Masters thesis, I struggled to get supervisors because I lived in the countryside. So I approached an elderly professor who would come to teach PhD over the weekend to supervise me. The deal was that I’d do corrections over the week and he’d go through my script from Friday and we discuss on Sato evening. The guy looked very austere and I took to him as a father figure. But from day 1 my gut told me to never ever meet that guy alone. I had no logical reason behind that instinct but I obeyed it none the less. He was a very good supervisor. One day he asked me why I always had company when Id go to meet him yet he was a respectable elderly man. I just laughed it off but I took it as a red flag because why did he need the privacy and yet ni thesis tuna discuss? After realizing he would never meet me alone, he called me and told me he wanted to take me to some park reserve and I was like thankyou but no thanks. Another day he called me and told me he could fast track my thesis and even do it for me if I became his girlfriend.Needless to say, I blocked his number and started over the search for a supervisor. Ladies your instinct is rarely if ever wrong, go with it even when it doesnt make sense. It has saved me from many,many pitfalls.

You see theres two things. If you are willing to sell your soul for a movie deal or whatever business be clear about it and dont come back and claim to be a victim because you were an adult noone was doing anything to you under duress. You could have called the guy out on his bad behaviour and walked out and lost the deal. But you cant have your cake and eat it, if you’re willing to sell out for a degree,a PhD , a movie deal, a job or business deal be clear in your mind about… That you are willing to do anything to get ahead.

If you are on the other side of the spectrum, where you are not willing to sell your soul and your integrity to get ahead be ready to face the losses and the consequences of not being part of the herd with no scruples, who will stab their grandmother in the back to get ahead, with no soul, no conscience , whose god is money and sucess at any cost. Also know theres a price of being a non conformist. Of being true to yourself and not being up for sale like the masses. And be ready to pay the price.

I cant tell you how many jobs, business deals , ‘friends’ Ive lost for refusing to compromise on my principles. Its not for everyone. Thats why its called the straight and narrow road. Theres not many people with the moral strength for it.