Survey Kidogo

What is that one service / document that is always a pain in the ass to get ? Could be from the government ,banks ,Saccos , private companies etc etc

Am still trying to get a dependency pass for my wife…anyone knows how to speed up the process?

Visa ya kuhanya kutoka wife

Changing land usage to commercial. Watu wa hiyo place wameleta shida since its an upcoming residential court. Hata signs za shule they have blacked them out. Kesi iko kortini. Some 30 kids had been admitted already this term.

Registration form ya Nigerian foreign phone number kama ile ya Raila.

Incorporation of Trusts and generally getting anything done at any Lands Registry - without a bribe. It’s like attemtping to empty the sea a teaspoon at a time.

Birth Certificates. Why isn’t that digitized?

It was for a blink of an eye on ecitizen portal, seems the developer was ordered to introduce a bug in the system at gun point.

this one is the easiest…enda tu pale upper hill…very fast

Not since Matiangi aseme kila mtoto alete birth cert. Huko nikama mkutano