Surprise brands all over the place! Very very impressive!

And to think that this video was made back in 2015! I wonder what they have been upto for the past 4 years.

And here is a story about their products
If you want to know about KONKA Android Smart TVs, start by familiarizing yourself with KONKA. Established in 1980, KONKA is a well-known brand. Aside from making TVs, KONKA specializes in speakers, soundbars, tablets, and smart boxes. It makes TVs in a range of different sizes, so it won’t be a problem getting the size that you need. If you think that KONKA is the brand for you, read on to hear about KONKA Android Smart TVs.

(Konka) Android TVs have gesture recognition, which means that they can recognize and interpret movements as commands. They have a picture-in-picture mode, which uses smaller windows to display multiple shows or films simultaneously. These TVs have Google Assistant, allowing viewers to control the TV verbally, and utilize the power of Google Search by simply pressing the microphone button on the TV remote. They have web browsers and feature a variety of built-in games and an app store. Android TVs include a smart remote, allowing you to effortlessly operate all of the digital devices attached to your television’s ports. Equipped with split-screen capabilities, they are capable of displaying different channels simultaneously. They feature Chromecast, which enables viewers to control and initiate playback of content from a mobile device to the TV. Designed with a universal search function, they let you search for specific movies and shows on multiple apps and platforms. However, these Android TVs require an additional device, so you’ll have one more component near your TV and another remote control on your coffee table.

Take my money… Iko wapi ii

Instresting. …

Hizi Konka si ndio zinauzwa Jumia? 32 inch unapata na 13k, na ukibargain unapewa bure. I was tempted to buy them for my cyber cafe/PS (cc @Mzee mzima na @Wagido ) but nilikuwa nashuku hio bei. I’ll go ahead with the purchase.

1800 usd in 2015!

Saa ii imeshashuka bei, should be about 300$

Nilikua nategea sentiment kama hii! You were right to have declined the offer. Because we’ve been wary of Chinese products kutoka kitambo. But nowadays don’t judge hivi vitu by the standards we have been using all along. Unaweza ukapata a surprisingly valuable component ukose kuamini. Take for instance how people were treating xiaomi a year or two back.

Big shots like Samsung are living on borrowed time. Hizi brands za China are invading the world, and they mean serious business!

Hata kuna ingine inaitwa skyworth Read their profile and you realise they are not knock offs.

Hapo kwa reviews watu nalalamika Sana
Breakthru ya TV itakuwa 3D glassless 4k TV

this guys dump the worst of konka in kenya

true xiaomi was just “another” Chinese phone a few years ago, I remember going to some shop inside kimathi house to buy one 2or 3 years ago, sahizi they’ve made serious gains, the phone is still strong, never had any issue with it.

The China of yesterday is no more. That is why Trump analia lila siku ati copyright

Link to this TV you’ve described

Hisense, Changhong, Haier.
Plus, almost all the other brands that used to be major household names years gone by have been acquired by the Chinese companies. Companies like Bruhm, TCL, etc. All chinese. You nev3r know whatever you are buying nowadays.

looks uncannly like nokia

Actually, it was Konika zamani

konika is/was japanese

That myth of the worst brand used to hold 10 years ago. Right now we cannot be fooled. As early as 2000 many American brands migrated their operations in China because of cheap labour and energy. For instance apple produces all their devices in China, dell, hp, canon… etc. Trump wants them to go back home and that’s why he started banning Chinese companies. Americans imports most if not all of their electronic and electrical equipment from china because they are durable and affordable. We have fake ones yes but we also have more original ones.

Niko na 32 inch tv ya konka naitumia kama monitor ya cpu its crisp i tell you.ordered it via killmall a year ago.

Tell me more!