Supreme court nominee Ketanji Brown.

Woke as fuck!!


Ndani kabisa. They are trying to trap her, lakini wali shindwa. Hao wajinga we’re asking her qanon questions. How can you ask a whole judge definition of a woman. Si unangalie dictionary.

Retard nyamaza. Na umeze tranquilizer machura zitulie kwa chwaki.


Anybody else think it’s a coincidence that the last two black Supreme Court nominees didn’t marry a black person?

Clarence Thomas had been married to a black woman for 10 years. 1971 to 1981. Their divorce was finalized in 1984. Her name is Kathy Grace Ambush and she similarly remarried a mzungu, maybe ni revenge…



They have a son Jamal Adeen Thomas who is also a lawyer.



In 1987 Judge Clarence married Virginia Lamp who is a serious Trump campaigner.





There was a kunguru that Clarence was trying to fuck and she almost derailed his appointment to the Supreme Court.

Clarence Thomas cried while giving his final speech.

The kunguru Anita Hill was unleashed by akina Biden. Biden is ruthless at terminating Republican supreme court appointees.

Previously Senator Biden terminated the appointment of Robert Bork to the supreme court.


Bork was considered the most qualified and brilliant legal mind in America at that time.

In true fashion Biden and Kennedy ralied the troops to label Bork a Southern racist and just like that Bork akarushwa nje. After working for decades to one day serve in the Supreme court.

Biden then unleashed Anita Hill on Clarence Thomas. She said how Clarence Thomas tried to fondle her matiti. It was ruthless completely brutal.

But Clarence cried very bitterly and talked of how some people will always pull a black man down.

Biden akakunja mkia. He couldnt beat such a speech.

Anita Hill is today used by Democrats as a beacon of women’s rights. Biden was Chair of the committee and stands accused of hurting Anita Hill and exposing her and using her very badly to beat down Clarence.

Hatujasahau hii maneno yote. Lazima tulipishe.