Supreme Court Decision Objective Views

The chief justice said the elections were a process and not an event. Electoral processes are designed to be reversible,
and stand alone. When you find fault with one stage, you can fall back on the previous one and restart.

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Kithi explained that in a case like this one, only dissenting judges explain their reasons for dissenting. The majoritys are read by one them.


The court didn’t have to ‘redeem’ itself. It just needed to do the right thing, @saprano, would you be OK with the current or 2013 decision? Why?

Hasira? Machungu? Hahaha.
Nani alikuwa Burma market mkono kwenye tako akitusi mahakama kuu? Hapa ni raha tu.
Guided by that Bible verse RAO quoted.


Mzee, I respect you. Why do you want to derail this thread. This is not about RWNEBP vs UOTP. Its about THE SCORK decision. No sideshows.

The president’s lawyer is who they should be mad at. He took the paycheck knowing full well what was in store.

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When doing a major exam, say KCSE, you the examinee do you part, the invigilator does theirs and some teachers mark the exam. Sasa mwenye ana invigilate and the one marking screw up, do you subject the student to do the exam again?


Why did they not then read their supporting reasons?

I don’t agree with him that the remedy for failed transmission is to repeat the elections. The remedy is to re-transmit the resuts correctly.

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BTW, you guys have not addressed the issue of which proof you would like us to have. If you were elected mp today, and your opponent brought à case. Refer to my first post.

It would be possible, if the ballots remain untampered with. That’s not the case.
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Irrelevant example, why?.
Unlike exams, election is a process not a single event, if one part fails the entire process fails

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Election is a process not an event. The sooner you understand that the better…na kama hauelewi hio msemo niambie niku fafanulie

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What is the source of that evidence? Was it presented before SCORK?

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It was amongst the many electoral malpractices strewn across the country. That’s why I insisted the supreme court was the way to go. There was too much wrong for this to be a legit election.

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How many of those were cited in the petition?