Suppose.... Just suppose

Everyone is saying Biden has won… Suppose Trump wins tommorow. Remember 2016?
People have made Trump look like an evil till many are afraid to admit they will vote or voted Trump and these are the voters who might turn the tables tommorow to tilt the race in favour of Trump.
But let me confess personally I support Trump… For me he seems like a lesser evil.
I am more afraid of the radical left and their agenda than the fear I have for Trump. Better Trump be the winner.
But whacha kesho tuone venye itakuwa


wewe soma BBI , acha mehe mehe

Anyone who expects an intolerant bully like him to accept or concede defeat is up for great disappointment. He is even throwing a party at the WH, which I suspect will begin before the final results are even announced.

Tirump all the way

I support Trump but from the polls, his odds of winning are very low… Chances are that Biden will take the day with a decisive win (both electoral college and popular vote)

This opinion poll pollster predicts that Trump will win

Those Democunts are really scary. And Biden looks senile, meaning it is the Democratic Center of Evil that will be directing U.S. policy. If I was Magufuli I’d be praying hard that those blood hungry hawks lose. I can’t stand another 10 years of Hillary Clinton wielding influence.

:D:D:D:D Magufuli could be the biggest loser , Kamala harris anawezamuhangaisha yake yote mpaka akubali ma homo wakuwe wanapiga lap hapo Dar mpaka moro na GAY parades every quarter of the year

Oh it would be hell on earth. Trump isn’t perfect but who is? King David was an adulterer and murderer but God called him a “man after my own heart” because God sees what humans cannot. The only person in the Bible who God called His “friend.“ Trump is like that too, reviled by many, but he has a super-special anointing upon him to lead the US and even the world during these very dark times.

Rest easy langat, ultimately, Trump is not vacating the WH. However it will be a wild ride for the next several weeks…both sides suing and countersuing plus riots unlike anything you have ever seen.

:D:D:D…Can’t wait for his hissy fits tomorrow. By Friday, the reality of it would be too much to bear.