supporting one another

Recently i have seen talkers enquiring how to buy online through souq.uae. and we helped how we could and it was through salilaya cargo guys where you send them money and they do it for you.
Now i want talkers to give me that work where by dont buy from souq but confirm the price there and i will buy from shop where i will bagain and get a discount of 50aed i buy for you and after you can send the money after i dispatch your cargo.
Acheni pia ninukishe kitunguu, we have been doing the same with cuzo.
You send money after i have sent you the receipt from the cargo guys.

Which tribe are you?

Mbwa wewe mcoondu ya nguruwe…izi entitlments unakuanga nazo za kujifanya how you have made it in life sisi apana tambua

Ati what ebu rudia

Mimi nimeelewa ivi…instead of online shipping where you pay directly to them,Unaongea na @jaymoh he buys the goods for you at a discount,Anakutumia receipt confirming the purchase of goods thats when wewe utamtumia pesa.He does the shipping for you yy anakula io discount atapewa…@Jaymoh ni ivo ama??

I thought so too. Not a bad idea. @jaymoh leta a catalogue of possible items you can get.

Nita kupea biashara nzuri hivi karibuni, bora usiwe mta peli.
Uko na recommendations? Inge kua ni @kush yule mnono Kuria ninge jua mahali naeza mtoa… Wewe je?

Haya maneno yana ukweli kabisa?

I endorse this message.

Ni yeye nimeuliza tribe yake

Bora uwe mkweli sioni shida ya wewe kunukisha kitunguu

This is guy is definitely not a MCOOSHite!

People need to learn how to manage their multi handles


genuine as @Ebru efidense!! I can vouch for him as I have met him.

ameji changanya kikiki.

awekelee hapa tuone.we should inua each other.

Hapo Kwa malipo ni kizungumkuti kiasi. U see we Kenyans have trust issues.

Come on guys, someone is at least coming up with a solution and you start insulting him.
Either grow up, come with a better solution or please shut the fuck off.
@jaymoh …not a bad idea, just polish up on the payment issue, and we will support you, or rather, I will support you.
How about you have an agent here. Once he receives goods here, we pay him upon confirmation. It is easy for your agent and us to meet. Or for someone who is not in the city, I/we can send someone to pick for us. Think about it

Leta items bana…!