Suppliers!!! Suppliers!!! Suppliers!!!

How do you deal with suppliers who run late on delivering? We have this supplier of a custom component who seems to work at his own pace and is causing me quite a headache explaining to customers who made deposits why we are late in delivery

change the supplier

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go whine elsewhere…shenzi. mimi ndio dingi wa hio kampuni

What exactly is he supplying you can get competent supplier kwa ii kijiji.

Some custom electronic PCB boards and their packaging

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Its not that easy to changr, they are custom made for us and if I were to change would incur more development costs

basi,accept and move on

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If you have a working prototype how does the development cost come into play.

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go china

be making enough of your LPO…to avoid his inconvinience…am sure sio perishables

If we change suppliers, there would be tooling costs involved with the new supplier to make the products as per design

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Yea, thinking of bumping up orders for that to last a bit

usichape buffer stocks lakini,but pia unaeza anza kutesa huyo msee,be delaying his cheques pia ye afeel kama wewee


Consider changing the PCB board go something else that someone else can make?

Or delay damages in his contract?


The PCB is specific for its purpose and not generic even if changed suppliers would still have to make as per design and tooling is really expensive @introvert will do that, the contract is up for review in some months

@Gio iyo ni kama ku complain lanye ile hukutoa Rosto huwa inachelewa kucome lojo…lakini ikifika inakupa hadi RJ na game yake iko juu so huwezi enda kwa lanye ingine…

so apo ni Accept and move on

ama order early ndio akichelewa analeta on time :smiley:

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Hehe I like what you are on

Simple problem but most likely in your procurement chain.

Yea, we are a growing co so trying to figure out many things on the fly