Supplier needed

I need someone to supply me with Non carbonized briquettes.

There was a guy here a few weeks ago with such a business. Search

Ngombe, ulikuwa uniuzie briquettes, sasa unanunua Ktalk? Kwani wewe ni middoro man? MSHEEENZ!!

Same baggah!!


Schuuupit…ghasia tagataga hii…umeona watoto wa kupima akili…juzi ulikuwa unauza briquettes hapo kangundo road na sasa unanunua? Serrreee kabisa

Kuna two types, n thats why i have specified non carbonized. Remember we are using saw dust to make non carbonized.

We are out of saw dust, demand is more than supply

Shouldn’t you be buying sawdust then if you are not a middleman?? Why buy ready-made non-carbonized briquettes? As others have said, you, sir, are a middleman/broker.

I don’t need your help am sorted