supermarket biz

only if you can afford magendo goods.
then you are good to go

tafuta tender wachana na supermarket kama lazima multitask.

Ama ufanye biz ya wholesale, profits ni kidogo but you maximize on sales volume, best thing is that it’s easy to manage coz you only deal with categorized clients and its easily accountable, tho its also capital intensive

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TE=“devani, post: 268492, member: 1034”]from what

from what am gatherin today i think i still hav alot to put into the way i saw joyland hunters close dont know why

She’s my client huyo joyland smkt and you want to know why? … @black ameshakujibu!

Couldn’t agree more, theft from employees, shoplifters, unreliable suppliers, and goods that don’t move on the counters.



Pika chakula uuze.