supermarket biz

pliz Talkers i need your advice am already in IT biz but its not working nicely right now.i need some side hustle n am thinking of a supermarket.what should i expext in this field as i hv never ventured in i hav bt i hv ruled out the matatu biz as i earlier read in this forum its suicidal

Most of the people who operate a super market operated a retail or whole sale shop before. That way the have good knowledge of the market


ka uko ready kula profit za bob n kobole … we ingia io biz…the only way to make it profitable is by selling more…yaani stock isikuwe full…

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I.T is wide. If you are good in programming try mobile apps using cordova.

io i.t…web development iko aje?

more should mean everything. electricals and electronis plus hardware materials come with a good profit

By IT una maanisha?

Rules of business startup
1.start small but think big
2.start a business that YOU can run.

supermarket especially early stages itabidi ukuwe very involved. infact a supermarket is just a General shop that has grown and expanded. Either get familiar with retail management ama jaribu biz ingine.
na I.T imekuwa aje ikakulemea?


i clear used it equipment from banks or companies

Like comps/machines stuffs?

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by the way hio faida ya kobole inaniingiza njeve kuna msee alinishow nikipatia familia unga moja ama mkate wamekula faida na obvius nawapea daily or so eish afadhali niupgrade biz yangu joh

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everything electronic i can list the major companies av cleared lyk nation b4 someone bought his way into a contract maybe some of u need pple lyk me

@Gio anatafuta mtu kama wewe

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Supermarket ni capital intensive, pia inafaa mtu awechonjo na employees juu they can bleed you dry, pilferage kwa masupermarket hukuwa high sana.


sasa ubaya kwenye natoka nataka kumulti task

Next time you get the contract kindly inbox before you dispose ama uziuze

Boss una capital ya pesa ngapi hapa before uchomwe na supemarket.

Supermarkets will make you money if:

  1. You choose a strategic location
  2. You are situated in highly populated place with

Those two are the most important. But they are also dependent on:

  1. Your capital outlay
  2. Your control systems to deter pilferage and employee theft
  3. How much competition you will face
  4. Your relationship with suppliers. supermarkets hold up a lot of cash in stock, you will have to hold huge amounts in credit most of the time, will suppliers trust you that much?

The good thing with supermarkets is that you hardly have debt on your books unless in terms of salaries, rent and such like.

The ugly side is that other players can easily enter the market and woe unto you if they have deeper pockets.

You will also need close supervision.

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from what

from what am gatherin today i think i still hav alot to put into the way i saw joyland hunters close dont know why

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Biz zingine kuwa side hustle sioni ikimake sense