Supermarket Attendant

How do one apply for such job? I.e naivas… Tuskys
Help needed…

Connections my friend. Connections

Your continued support has made us grow and expand. This comes with some good news to you. We once again welcome you to nominate 2 interns to our internship program. Send the application via [email protected] with your Tuskys loyalty card number as the subject. We need a minimum grade C in KCSE and below 35 years of age. Application deadline is 17th November.

Nafikiri io ningekusaidia but pia ilinipita kama sijui. Inaniuma sana

Hata heri ivo ilikupita. usipeleke mtu wako huko,ataishi kukulaumu ulimpeleka jela.How can you overwork people for 12 to 13 hrs and pay them peanuts.

My fren, it’s internship not employment. They are not supposed to earn Salos just a stipend to afford interns fare and lunch. Some firms don’t give anything while others give hefty stipends.

Afazali ivo badala ya kuketi home bila formation

Then you ugrade from there…

they pay peanuts.usiwahi peleka mtu bro was there for 3 years until akajoin akina @pamba kwa hio force ya gsu may this year but he has nothing to show.

peanuts varies from person to person. what is peanuts to you?

anything less than 50k to me is peanuts.mnataga mtu aishi aje hii kenya economy imeenda juu hivi mkipea mtu peanuts

ma fren do you know 80% ya watu wameandikwa nai wanalipwa less than 20k

sisi tumeuza ngwati 10 yrs na hatuna kitu to show off na hatusumbui

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Mzae 80% ya watu hii mtaa husurvive na hiyo doh unaita peanuts, less than 35K na hausikii wakilia, in Kenya you learn to vumilia and live within your means

enda tu sahii Carrefour either ya Karen au Two Rivers customer care desk and request for a job application form, ensure you fill it to their requirements alafu u wait for a reply b4 end of this month,

Hizi supermarket hutumia agents kucontract hao attendants.Check with Hipora .though salary ukua 25K.Lunch mnajipikia ,na job ni from 7 AM to 10PM.Working days ni Monday to Monday with allowance of 2 days rest per month.

wanachukuanga hao mainterns wanafuta wale watu waliandika kitambo. That’s not internship but exploitation.

hao hupewa 10000 to 15000 sahizo unadunga job kama punda .