Super League- Walls are crumbling

  1. Mancity and Chelsea initiate process to withdraw
  2. Man United Chair Ed Woodward resigns (from Man U)
  3. Jordan Henderson says captains don’t want it… by extension players…who’s next?

Nilisema it will be a tall order, football experts wakasema sijui JP Morgan itatoa $6 billion kufinance.
FIFA/UEFA is too entrenched for an alternative league to succeed. A rival league in any capacity will need more than $6billion and will make losses for years before it takes off. The teams have also faced massive resistance from fans because they made it clear it was just about the money for them. They look greedy with nothing new to offer fans for the money they were expecting.

Players would have also snubbed it. Imagine if you get locked out of CL and World Cup because you played in the superleague. The two competitions hold sentimental value to many players because they’ve been around for decades. The threat to set up a rival world cup was comical, if not stupid. As Mwai wa Kibaki would ask, “wewe unafikiria World Cup ni event ya shilingi mbili? Kumbafu.”

All in all, UEFA will have to increase the portions they award the big clubs to kill this talk of break-away leagues for at least another decade. So even if the Superleague fails, the clubs will still gain because they’ve shown the governing body that they can at least make advanced plans for an alternative tournament.

Sentimental value will not stop players. To give up Champions League and play in a Superleague of the best teams will be a pipe dream for most players. Many good players dont make it past the first round of the world cup anyway. How many players even make it far in the CL. Setting up a league is expensive, but revenue streams are refined nowadays. And there are many who will finance ( for a fee). These are branded organizations with a guaranteed return. Amazon, Netflix, Youtube, Twitter… could broadcast such an even with instant pay to the new league. And have a wider reach. Even your maid can watch while washing dishes. Bigger reach for advertisers and more incomes for players. Top players dont make that much in WC anyway ( compared to their salaries).

All six EPL teams have withdrawn.

Hapa nakubaliana. In fact, word is they are already in talks with some management firm for a $7 B to stop ESL.
No way these guys will take it lying low kunyang’anywa mfupa kwa mdomo

As usual you’re just arguing for the sake of it. Ok, assume you’re a player in one of these super league teams. Will you spend your entire career there? What if the club decides it no longer needs your services and lets you go? No other super league team buys you. The other non-SL teams won’t touch you because FIFA banned your ass. How many players do you think would risk that outcome for a few seasons at “the best teams?”

Gor mahia, FC, yanga, Simba, tp mazembe.
Waunde Yao.

Where as it may seem to you I am arguing for the sake of it, its usually because I have read something somewhere and most probably ahead of your thinking. You raise an interesting question, but forgot how closed leagues like the NBA, NFL formed. Do NBA players care for an olympic medal ( which would be in comparison to a world cup). Ask yourself why. Who said you have to play in Fifa leagues, if at all they go to that extremity of banning players. Immediately on formation of a superleague, many teams and leagues will break away from Fifa in a hearbeat. How many nondescript but good Brazilian teams would like a stage with the worlds best with juiced incomes.

Fiorentina Perez amebaki na hio ligi pekee. Humbwer yeye

Okay :D:D:D

Yessir. I read widely, not constricted to BBI mindset and thus rarely give answers you want to hear.

Why did they agree to this in the fisrt place?
Heads must roll. Am thankful it claimedthe fisrt casualty. Ed Woodward.

The owners pushed for it due to the revenue. Statement from Liverpool owner J Henry alludes to it.

Atletico and Barca set to withdraw.

what i can assure you is UEFA/FIFA HAS WON THE BATTLE BUT THEY WILL LOSE THE WAR, huwezi pigana na the people who own the world. they will phase out those FIFA/UEFA chiefs by all means and entrench their guyz who will endorse their plans