Supa Sato!


Siwezimind kulipa thao

Kazi mzuri SV lakini minimum huwanga 10 pics.

It is all fun and games until the boobs head south then everything is covered up. Why don’t young women learn from their post wall counterparts? Currently seeing a 23 years old kamba super kunguru and from the way she carries herselefu, unaweza fikiria yeye hukunia scones. Unknown to her, I will.soon be headed to Karura as her SMV declines. Already the effects of endless partying and P2 are beginning to show but siwezi mchanua coz her approach works to my advantage.

Kuna dem sampuli huyo aliwahi kunia kwa choo ya ofisi banaa… ile stench aliwacha huko achana nayo! ilibidi sec aende atafute cleaners na marashi buana!

Unaweza nikaulizia kama kanaweza nirushia beshte yake kunguru nijinyce kiasi?

I dont think that would be necessary though wouldnt mind checking my phonebook for mabakshish nikurushie numbers. There is an oversupply of kungurus in Nairobi. Simply engage your predator instincts and voilà, you have an oversupply of ready pussy. Malls are a good hunting ground.

Mind your business fella

@Slave 0wner i knew ni wewe with homosexual innuendo comments and women hating lines. shoga mkuu

Wacha ujinga. Can never be me. I dont work under people. Let alone, I cant contain myself to an affice

That is exactly what I am doing.