sunymango the financial liberator at his work place episode 1

i detest being employed, you see,this employed guyz are slaves of their bosses,working in shifts for peanuts. i remember working from 6pm to 6Am nikifika kwa nyumba asubuhi nakula food nadoz mpaka saa nne,i always tried in vain to sleep a bit more ndo nisidoz kazini but wapi,saa tisa usiku lazima ningedoz for 1 hour.
i was always broke, u see these employed guyz,they lack financial discipline,they only have cash for 5 days after being paid,thats the period they flock butcheries n bars,their legs also become heavy necessiting the services of bodabodas, we really reap during those 5 day,come middle month they have nothing, we watu wa biashara are an exception, always loaded,money is our stock.
the earlier you leave that boring employment and start something for yourself the better!


stop saying “these employed guys…” Say “I”

Do u know that those people u are mocking (the employed) are the ones who finance your business. Hao ndio customers wako and u are here telling them to quit employment


Stereotypes, there are also many struggling business people


In the world of 2day everybody should aspire to have more than one income stream

if u can have a business n ur still employed, the better!

Let me tell u a mini hekaya, back then when still in Kenya kulikuwa na neiba fulani MILF singo mother kedo 42y.o. She used to work for a bank. Alikua jaluo maringo mingi hata salamu kwa neibas hakuna. She used to drive a peugeot 406 (those days these cars were the in thing). Mwoman used to dress to kill akienda wax…zile ma trouser suit za mwomen sexy sexy.

Sasa one day the bank (think it was KCB) ika decide ku retrench watu. She was among the unlucky who were retrenched. Si madam na ego yake akaona ile pesa amepatiwa ya retrenchment she start a bizness. She started importing clothes from abroad. Akafungua hizi ma stall pale CBD. Her bizness failed. Kidogo kidogo tukaona hio 406 imebandikwa FOR SALE CONTACT 072*******. Mwoman akaingilia ulevi juu to stress. at first ilikuwa beer and then akateremuka akawa mtu wa kuenda wines and spirits. she changed ata kwa mavazi…alikuwa nxt to a chokosh in my eyes. Aka anza kugawa ovyo ovyo kwa big wigs jaluo pale Ohangla nights…kidogo akapata ukedi…as we speak she is RIP.

My point is not every one who ventures into biashara is successful


Si ata wewe ni bigwig? Uliepukaje thitima?

By then nilikuwa small wig…hakuwa anatambua Chokosh ina earn 10k a month

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Ok, so how much do you earn now? I know chokoism is inbuilt- you cant outlive it.

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Your Hekayas are up there…

It’s used to be 80% of small businesses fail within the first two years. Siku hizi sijui ni ngapi. Before you quit that job make sure your business is actually bringing in something.


doesn’t really matter how you get your money, what matters is what you do with whatever you get.
hakuna pesa imekaangwa.

business is not as easy as guys think there alot of challenges. one you have to pay rent, two workers, suppliers, county council, etc etc and to add on that you have to monitor closely or else utafanyia watu kazi. am employed and still in business . i have to wake early, do stock monitoring, order and pay the suppliers then nikitoka job five i work till 9 usiku. to say the truth biashara usiku huwa poa sana i can make up to 5-6 k profits for the few hours.