And bidding farewell to Raila, the Father of violence.

Kamati andalizi ya mpito wa urais yafanya maandalizi ya uapisho wa Rais mpya William Ruto - YouTube


Really Brayo…what’s different this time? other than exit the father of violence. We know you like violence, but we have retired that ujinga. He’s now Emeritus. I frankly didn’t expect it to be this easy

Upuuuus tena

yes yes. This mzee has caused a lot of trouble in the country. Good Riddance.

Baba ako sawa and what he did.wasn’t violence. He was fighting for your rights. If it were not for him, government would have been the one to decide who gets elected.

That violence brought about alot of civil liberties in this country…

He achieved some milestones and also made some mistakes too like any human being

How now do you say that he achieved something, when he didn’t even build toilets for Kibs. He is a total failure…bure kabisa. What shall we remember him for…Mass violence, attending funerals and saying he called me before he died, Lol Call it as it is…Retard of the house

So kwenyu nani aliwajengea ile choo nyi uenda kukumia?

Don’t fight for my fcuk-in rights…I have that covered. Fight for Bondo, fight flying toilets in Kibs. I feel like Ruto like Slapping you for misusing “Rights”. Teaching hooligans to throw stone and uproot rail roads is not Fighting for Rights. Wacha udinga…I mean, ujinga