Sunrise Mombasa(tembea kenya)


sasa acha tumalizie heka.

I love that scene. Worked in Msa from 2008 to 2011. Lived in Tudor, Mtopanga & Nyali. Seeing the ocean still takes my breath away.

Nothing beats the ocean i tell you

Mkisii wa nyamarambe… Ocean ulionea wapi?

hehehehe, kua mpole
@coldpilsner ni mzaliwa coast

Those photos were being taken at what intervals?
They look great.


Great pics…However, not everything that is posted on Kenyatalk is posted on Sex and Relationship sections… Next time place accordingly, senji!!!

I tried to zoom if i could even find a kunguru on the beach front, wapi.

retard! heshimu vc,he can post whatever and wherever he wants.

ashana na hio jinga, he does not know the developing story ileya chasing the wind

Yaani wewe badala ya kufikisha threshold na morning glory unaamka kupiga mbica:rolleyes:. Anyway nice pictures. Can i borrow the last one for my laptop backgorund?

Feel free, threshold tulifikisha tukipiga hizo mbisha

Shida ni,kila mwanakijiji alikua za ‘last viewing sex and relationships’ so its easier for your post to be viewed there since kila mtu anasafisha mecho

Amazing. These pics make want to come look for a job in the Coast