Sunnymango Rant

Dzamba kitonga and others were hailed heroes and christened " committee of experts" for drafting the new constitution. i also voted yes like you and went for its promulgation or whatever it was been done. Now am calling upon the good office of our very able DPP to investigate and prosecute these Dzamba kitonga et al for copy-pasting the United states constitution. by the way do you know that if Tobiko and Ndegwa Muhoro were the one in office today, Obado would still be free? Maribe bado angekuwa akisoma news? anyway how on earth did they decide to have 47 counties? sasa some gavanas labda wawekane mimba huko kwao ndo tuwajue? if the stupid Obado had stolen 2.5 billion…how about our smart Waigiru? and by the way how many deputy governors do we know? isipokuwa ni vile our deputy gavana ndambili alitombana kwa lodging ata wa leo singekuwa namjua? and rem these deputy governors are ceremonial the experts didnt describe their duties. for what Dzamba Kitonga??? we cant exhaust every unnecessary office but the uninformed men who were drafting sorry copypasting the constitution decided that each county to have ministries yet the national govt has the same ministries.sasa niambieni for 5 years ministry of sijui sports and gender in a county inafanyanga nini? the best this katiba did was creating jobs and status for a few individuals.
by the way nlwa nimepeleka my Melons Mombasa and let me tell you. kuingia hio county na mzigo unalipa 2k. kuoffloadiwa kwa market unalipa.kuingia beach nikalipa kuguza maji nikalipa. our resources ara no longer us kenyans. they belong to counties and counties belong to governors not kenyans. lastly i am of the opinion that kenya need a dictator like matiangi to be the president. Uhuru is too friendly and as mkubwa lazima uogopwe kidogo. do you know Moi angepigia minister simu aminister alikuwa anatetemeka esp when he or she knows sth is wrong in the respective ministry? now uhuru is the opposite. to him everybody is “ndugu yangu” sasa wameiba pesa yote! am sad


Me ata nlistuka ati Mombasa kuna senator

You forget. 47 counties almost coincides with the number of tribes (43?-).
Tribal interests is your answer- like someone told me. Remember the fights ( war) to create the boundaries.

huyo mwilu wenyu awekwe ndani kwanzA

Hata wakuweke ndani na huyo Dzamba Keytongar for voting yes to his ctrl+c ctrl+v… Hamna tofauti…

You are the problem; you abdicate your responsibility and the start blaming politicians. I’m sure you were insulting us who were in the No camp, calling us “Status Quoist” or whatever you thought made you “progressive.”

Furthermore, I don’t know where you got the idea that it was copy-patsed from the US constitution; if it had been we would be having a tollerable document. We copy-pasted from South Africa. I’m sure you were among the people who kept reminding us that “This is the best constitution in Africa.”

Ewe omwana wa ingo? Kenya does not have 43 tribes. 26 tribes and about 107 sub-tribes. Something that politicians who yap everyday about uniting Kenyans don’t even know. How can you talk of uniting Kenyans and you don’t even know the number of tribes in your country? We are being led by the dumbest of leaders.


Yaliomo , the sufferings we get from this constitution outweighs the ‘gains’. Infact we had corruption being devolved !

Interesting. Are you saying that our 47 governors belong to 26 tribes?

if devolution is not working for you then elect better people. for us it’s working for us, tumewekewa lami hatungewahi ekewa hata na dawa in a million years and other goodies. Please elect better people, msitusumbue na upus za referendum


Yaliomo , the sufferings we get from this constitution outweighs the ‘gains’. Infact we had corruption being devolved ! Killers, looters , civil savants wezi etc etc all being released on bails ! Soon we shall have 47 warlords (governors) MUNGU Saidia sisi

That area of study I am a layman. Tribe, cultural group, ethnic group etc.
But I read on Nation Kenya added Indians as the 44th tribe. That’s where I got my info.

Some marginalised areas in Kenya have benefitted from devolution in the new constitution. Makueni is a good example.

Many marginalized areas have benefitted from devolution. Areas which didn’t know tarmac roads til 2002 and had hospitals that looked like village clinics. Step out of Nairobi na uende mashinani uone.

The non marginalized ones with the biggest tribes are complaining because they keep surrendering their logic process to politicians and the church so they don’t see the benefits of devolution.

Devolution is not all doom. Go to the far flung counties utajua hata that is the only government they look up to. Prior to that walikua wakija Nairobi wanasema wanaenda Kenya and we were in the same country. The teething problems have extended for too long but we will surely get there.

Hapo kwa Matiang’i tunakubaliana

Kiambu, Kirinyaga, Nyeri, Murang’a, Nyandarua, Nakuru - Same Tribe
Bungoma, Kakamega, Vihiga - Same Tribe
Machakos, Makueni, Nairobi, Kitui - Same Tribe
Kisumu, Migori, Siaya, Homa Bay - Same Tribe

And on and on and on

Did you know that the “Bukusu” are an artificial creation? As late as 1940, the name “Bukusu” was not known. It was an artificial name to unite the non-Tachoni/non-Kalenjin “Luhyas” who were living in Bungoma and Transzoia. It united the Teso, The Nyala and the Gisu/Masaba into one tribe. It ended up assimilating (through colonial support,) many Tachonis. The luhya tribe didn’t even exist in the early census. Unfortunately Kenyans - including our journalists don’t like reading anything apart from Vera Sidika and stuff.

The myth of 42 tribes cam with the 1962 census. All Kalenjin sub-tribes were classified as tribes. Funny thing, there is greater linguistic and cultural harmony among the Kalenjin (Which is also an artificial name) than within the luhya (which is also an artificial name.)

Luhya and Kalenjin
Hapo kwa bukusu nakataa but @Mundu Mulosi n @uwesmake can shed more light