Sunflower oil pressing machine for hire

Hello Village. I am looking to hire a sunflower oil pressing machine. I have them seeds and before I order a small machine from China, I thought to hire one and press some oil. I am in Nyanza region. Upon visiting KARI in Kisumu, I was told that their nearest machine is in Alupe, Busia (Kenya for you).

I think social media can help point me to the right direction. Anyone knows where I can get the machine?

P.s: is it true that I will have duty waived on the machine on importation because it is a product for agricultural use?

Uko mbali.
Canola=Timau ie Mountail Oil
Cape Chestnut/mikinduri/ Croton=Naro Moru and Nanyuki ie Eco Fuels Kenya

[CENTER]umekuwa so cautious with your words; kwani ulikuwa unaogopa kuambiwa ni upuss?


Mafuta ya kupima ni 10 bob[/CENTER]

@aviator Kuna mtu hapa anataka your strong thighs to ‘press oil’.


Wewe! I thought you would talk of legs, lakini thighs for sure!

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Sawa baba!

About duty waiver; order your machine and have the seller deliver to the many kenyan cargo agents in china. They will charge you per cubic metre and deliver to nairobi in about 5 weeks. No declaration, no other fees. Called cargo consolidation.

Oh yeah…akina Salihiyah style! Cheers :slight_smile: