For those who like sitting under his/ her favourite tree or at the balcony to watch the sun disappear slooowly into the horizon, listening to slow soothing music in the background, watching the birds sing as they come back to their nests for a night of rest, while seeping the aromatic, rich scotch whiskey, then you need to tune in to KBC ENGLISH SERVICE now until 7pm to enjoy.


Been listening to sundowner for years, especially when being hosted by Catherine ndonye. Music with substance… Sio hizi makelele za saa hii

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I’ve been a fan for many years. Unfortunately nowadays the presenters talk too much and there are too many “shoutouts”
Siku hizi I tune in on Thursday and Friday cos that chic talks less and has a pretty good selection, then on Sundays it’s sundowner TV 5-6pm. I avoid Catherine ndonye and JoJ


Just download from youtube those nostalgic tracks… create your playlist and you can have your sundowner from 5pm till whatever time you please…

Can’t be listening to the same playlist daily, besides listening to radio in and of itself is part of the experience. I have a country/golden oldies playlist of over 200 songs but I still listen to SD , keep on adding tracks that I hear and had forgotten about. Playlist comes in handy when I’m out of the house or when one of those mouthy presenters is on