At my local pub in Izdan province, imbibing my favourite GUINESS BARIIIDI, enjoying the sundown accompanied by some cool rhumba music, after on/off drizzles since usiku.
Kesho all the way to my ranch in Rift valley to interact with my domestic animals & breath cold,[ATTACH=full]403843[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]403844[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]403845[/ATTACH] well filtered air.

Hope my fellow billionaires are enjoying their evening.

Sijawahi elewa why or how people enjoy this terrible, bitter tasting beer.

Taste buds.

Ni kama Indians na pilipili.

To be sincere, kwangu iko chonjo after quitting kalikali.

If it is true that this real sociedad manager was born in 1971, then I’ll stick to the foods and drinks my grandparents were taking.

Huyu haja enjoy maisha hata kama ana pesa.

@uwesmake alisema inaonja kama goat piss

Kama ni ukweli, then ango ako nyuma.

You can’t compare this rich stuff with gilbeys or his official brand GRANTS which i know.

Nimalisie hio maragoli

Anajua aje lakini?

Hio mujamaaica huwa na fettish zìngine za ajabu