Sunday School Teacher & Salonist Prof. Kindiki Issues More Threats

He has warned Azimio leaders against causing disruptions in their ongoing demonstrations.

“I have no business with those who are doing demonstrations; actually I don’t care, on one condition that they keep law and order. The day they will try to break the law, to breach peace to incite public disorder that is the day the full weight of the Ministry of Interior will come on them,” he said.


full weight of the ministry of interior ni kumaanisha nini?

tell us wewe ni mshika dau kwa hii nabii holiness ministries.


nowadays police hawatumiki kama vibaraka ya wanasiasa ama government officials. hakuna police atakanyaga mkenya mwenzake ivo ndio waziri afurahie,

Not really. The police still do those things. May have reduced in scale, but it is still there.

@uzito wa mavi yao