Sunday Movie Recommendations

Blackish is back from the break (S04E15), and so is Fresh Off the Boat (S04E18). And you know I can’t talk to you if you haven’t watched Atlanta S02E03, so you better get on it.

1. The Death of Stalin
This movie --characters and actions, is a hot goofy mess. And it’s hella funny. Belly laughs promised. It’s about the political events after the death of Stalin, --the title dummy. The clumsy politicians, paddling hard to get ahead, looking out for number one.

The film claims from the onset that it’s loosely based on real events. It’s definitely satirical and the characters are amusing caricatures. I was just too busy having fun to bother checking how much truth was included in the film. My best of the week pick.
“She’s the size of an Ostrich. No.”
“This is how the Soviet Union was built. Not with bishops. Today Beria gets an eight-foot crucifix up his arse.”

2. Touching The Void
There weren’t many great movies to watch this week so, mountaineering movies. Always entertaining.

This is an old movie-documentary about a two men who set out to climb Siula Grande but disaster struck on their way down from the summit. The documentary style is spoilery because you know they made it --you can see them talking. But, it also makes you want to know even more how they made it.

This is not trailer. It’s the entire movie.

3. Groundhog Day

A worthy rewatch.

Let’s talk about Annihilation for a minute.
I wouldn’t recommend annihilation to anyone. The reason is it feels really unsatisfactory, and, I have to be honest, I struggled to the end.
[SPOILER=“This is why.”]
The movie is beautiful to watch but there are some things that threw me off or just annoyed me. There is a tough talking psychologist; yep. There’s also this scene where Josie gets pulled into the water by a force, and is rescued. We then find out that what pulled her into the water was a freaking giant mutated crocodile. They took food out of a giant croc’s mouth? In the water? You fight a croc in water and just easily win? Mkay. Then immediately they decide to use the river as their way to the lighthouse.

In another scene, they (characters and shit) watch a video of the party that came before them. In the video they see a guy’s intestines moving and I kid you not a dudette who’s been a ‘paramedic for ten years’ screams that it’s not real. It’s a ‘trick of the light’ then gets mad as shit. I was like “Bitch, what is your problem?”

Yet another scene, on some kind of lookout kiosk, after something (a giant creepy bear) comes in through the fence, the lead actress (forgotten her name) looks out through night vision goggles. Someone asks her if she can see anything to which she says no. I got mad because there is a freaking blinding light that is right there. Shining INSIDE the watch kiosk thingy… not outside. Turn the light off! And when the extremely creepy bear snatches one of them, they run after it in the dark screaming. Bitch use the night vision, follow the sound, damn! Why do you have only one night vision goggles? What the fuck do you have in those huge backpacks?

The bear does make a return… 100 times creepier.

Then the light house is at the coast. How about going there by sea… and avoiding the weird jungle?

In the end I was just frustrated and glad it’s over.

My interpretation is this. The movie is about our flawed nature and self-defeating tendencies. Right from the start, the protagonist talks about cells being immortal, replicating but later mentions that the DNA in the cells is flawed and as such we have to get old and die. Each character is broken and stuck in their own way --cutting themselves to feel alive, refusing to move on, etc. The final act we see the lead literally fighting against herself. Of course she realizes the flaw in her method and decides to stop getting in her own way, calms down and sort off transfers her self-defeating ways to the alien and leaves the alien to blow up itself. It’s like the alien was a really effective therapist. Now that I think about it, same thing happened to her husband. He was cloned: one part self-destructive and another wants to live.

I also may have completely missed the point in this movie.

→ 5.5/10

Asante bro, ongesa singine though

The Looming Tower

Annihilation is a good weekend movie amazing