Sunday Afternoon = Hobbies Time...

Apart from KTalking,what do you guys do to let your Hair down?
What are your hobbies?

Leo ka-solar kametoklezea and its time i got into Restoring my old banger of an E190 Benz.

The Power steering and gear stick are stuck lakini i am hoping ni juu ya njeve.
If i can get those working i have a chance of getting it started kienyeji style and the Restoration can begin.
In two months it will be looking like this.

What do you guys do for Hobbies and pass times?
(@Nefertities ; cleaning and tidying up your dildos shelf does`t count as a Hobby. ) Kikikikiiii…


Going in an open bar, sip on some few glasses while watching some good football. 7pm, home watch an NBA game and the blackout!!

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Weka mbisha ya Open Bar… there is nothing more interesting than looking at what you are missing…
weka mbisha ya nyam chom tafathali…

Stateside, Sundays huwa football. Tunangojea season. Cruising, kusikia ngoma. Getting ready for summer na Monday bruh!

Play some really cooool reggae at 55watts…bass size yake, tweeter size yake…utam halisi…niki meditate pooooole pooooole…

Love the 190e had the 2.2 litre sport

Taking my kids for a bike ride, waiting fir winter bruv, this summer has gone on for 9 months!!!

Huwa ni football, booze (whiskey hivi) and playing with the young ones. Every thirty minutes I have to check kenye inaendelea hapa.

babysitting, tv n dancing kiasi

Hiyo benz mama yoh!!!I like :stuck_out_tongue:

Going for walks or playing tennis with the wife. Or napping. Sunday afternoons are great but dread Sunday evenings and nights when the cycle of work starts all over again.