Sunday after thought From Bishop uwes

So nimetulia na the heir to the dryfry throne and am thinking SINs of the father. Is it real, like what you do wrong will bounce back to your kids. Like vile @MISCHIEF alinyonga nyani akakula the nyanis descendants will come for his grandkids,

OK let’s be serious kiasi. So my dad is a senior doctor and a very God-fearing though whitecup hachelewi nayo. So the many people’s lives he has saved is keeping me in God’s good books coz I have done alot of bad things from phucking 15 year olds to bailing out after empragnAting women to inskiving with hookers pay.

So does this mean

Does this mean that Clichy and Co will have siku murefu in their lives? . Phuck this chieth wacha nikunywe phombe. Ngombe nyinyi.

vile ulisema kitambo uncle siku yako ikifika ata teke la umbwa ni fatal…

Bishop murefi…

Ango hio kipara inaleta pension lini ununulie wazee wenzako muratina

Uncle, nimenotice ukilewa you start philosophizing about life. Wacha kufikiria sana, clichy et al watakuwa poa.

Ahsande my dear but lasima tu meditate

Write your reply…pewa tatu ango

Tuma paybill nikununulie pombe leo

Did you know mungichood is inherited from the mother’s side since it’s a matrilineal Community.
Bottom line lea the small tungikis polepole.

Mtu yuko na tabia kama hizo hatajua kulea mtoto vizuri. They themselves are the curse.

Just phukin myths… But wewe utafwa na hayo mambo ukifikisha uzee, if at all you’ll be past 50:D:D:D:):slight_smile:

Make a confession, what’s the latest hanky panky you were involved in that’s making you remorseful?

your dad is not a doctor. labda jehova wanyonyi.

Write your reply… Toa hii kitu bana Write your reply… @admin

atleast umeanza kufikiria

Una umattercore sana wewe