Summer 2016 movies

It’s been a while since I posted on this section.

This is a follow up list to my previous best 2016 movies that you can find on this thread:

  1. Jason Bourne i.e. Bourne 6(Starring Matt Dameon) - Same old finding Bourney story but with some really sick action scenes and I had truly missed a quality spy film. The return of Matt Dameon was also something to look forward to though Jeremy Renner did Bourne Legacy justice despite many people arguing otherwise. Plus it’s Jason Bourne damnit!

2. The Nice Guys.( Starring Ryan Gosling + Russell Crowe) - This action crime story was very well acted and Russell Crowe really did it justice and almost succeeded in mimicking the always cool Denzel Washington demeanor which is what I like Denzel’s for.

  1. Free State of Jones(Stars Matthew McConaughey) - Based on a true story on around the 1860s period i.e. line infantry battle tactics and around when trench war methods were being introduced

Now if you have this guy act any movie with a Texan accent be sure I will watch that shit even if it doesn’t have a story. I like the way he kills it on True Detective.

I don’t think this guy has acted a boring movie since 2011. I mean look at this list The Lincoln Lawyer (2011), Bernie (2011), [I]Killer Joe/I, The Paperboy (2012), Mud (2012), Magic Mike (2012), The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), Dallas Buyers Club (2013), and Interstellar (2014).

He did land an Oscar for best actor in 2012 and this one will definitely land him a nomination.

I truly am tired of slavery movies but this was done in such a refreshing and different way that I was happy.

4. Bastille Day(Stars Idris Elba) - When I said there was one good spy film this year I had definitely forgotten this one. Idris Elba, a CIA agent is sent to France to investigate the cause of some ‘rebellion’. The action was spot on and a black main spy character made it for me.

  1. Blood Father(Stars Mel Gibson) - This is almost like a modern wild west movie with biking shit and all. Then Mexican cartels on the mix. It’s basically a father fights against a mexican cartel hell-bent on killing his estranged daughter.

  2. 10 Cloverfield Lane - The only movie on this list that can compare with this in terms of an extremely interesting plot is Free State of Jones . Go watch it.

MEEH i.e. JUST WATCHABLE MOVIES / cliche movies. Bourne belongs here but as I said, that is Bourne.

  1. Independence Day: Resurgence
  2. Now You See Me 2
  3. Warcraft
  4. Central Intelligence(Kevin Hart/The Rock) - Found it funny though.
  5. The Legend of Tarzan - [/B]I just watched this coz it is Tarzan but storywise, … meeeh

Released ones that I have not watched but I’m looking forward to. By released I mean released on torrents …hehe

  1. Imperium(Daniel Radcliffe ie. the Harry Porter guy)
  2. Skiptrace(Jackie Chan)
  3. Cafe Society - Not an action movie
  4. The Shallows - The script for this movie would probably fit on one side of a handkerchief. Lady on some rock in the sea struggling to survive against a great white shark.
  5. The Purge Election Year

    Other than Cafe Society, I really don’t expect much from anything here in terms of an interesting story except for maybe Imperium.

Now I must reiterate I don’t watch any superhero_meffi.shit or animation so you will have to find that somewhere else. :D:D

Any suggestions of movies that deserve to be here but I may have missed on this listing??

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The brothers grimsby


Kama haujawatch Dark Knight trilogy usijiite movie enthusiast

movie ya ufala iyo ,cant recommend

Nani amekwambia sijawatch. I even gave Dark Knight Rises an honorable mention on my Best of Tom Hardy series:

The only other superhero yenye natambua tu ni the comedy; Deadpool coz that shit was very well acted and funny and Captain America: The Winter Soldier(2014) which I both gave credits on

Hii movie was a trial at resurrecting the success of Dictator(2012) but it failed miserably according to my opinion

Na ulikuwa unamaanisha nini hapa?

Ama unataka kusema you were misquoted? Batman, Captain America na Deadpool sio superheroes?

Hizo ni meffi bado. :D:D:D:D Didn’t have anything better to watch at the time. Ndume mzima nione mtu akipuliza upepo? Deadpool I loved it coz it’s a comedy. The 2014 Captain America was because acting was no over the top. Plus he doesn’t blow wind and shit.


Wewe ndio meffi kama hautambui Dark Knight

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Weka marauders hapo

I watched Bruce Willis’ Marauders and Precious Cargo but these days I am just not feeling his movies. His acting is just too weak for me. I just found them watchable but definitely I would be recalling the name of the movie after a year.

I would call it a typical kill the boredom movie