Summary on the killing of kiru boys high school principal

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solomon mbuthi( principal of kiru boys high school) was a husband to jane muthoni(principal of icaciri girls secondary school)

Ms muthoni initial plan was to kill mbuthi’s perceived lover, but the hired assassins chickened out.

1st mistake muthoni did was to use the same assassins for the new task.The assassins are Isaac nganga(gikuyu) and Joseph kariuki (karis)

Initial planning meeting was held at Tree shade hotel along Thika road in June 2016.members present were Ms muthoni, gikuyu, Karis and Nelson njiru(muthoni’s secret lover). During the meeting, Karis and Gikuyu we’re given 50k as an advance payment.

On November 4th 2016, njiru hired a Toyota Sienna from Robert kimani.karis, Gikuyu and njiru left for muranga with Ms muthoni on the wheel. Mistake no.1-They communicated several times using the there mobile phone on that day before meeting at Texas bar.mistake no.2-They all travelled together on the same car with their mobile phones on.

Peana hadithi yote elder

Tracking of cell phones showed they left ruiru shortly before 6pm and arrived at kiriaini at around 10:30pm.Njiru was dropped here leaving Karis, gikuyu and Ms muthoni to head to kiru boys in a tinted Toyota sienta.

At the gate of kiru boys high school, the security guy, Gachoka didn’t bother to check the car since it was the principal’s wife.she drove into the school compound and packed at the packing lot adjacent to Mr mbuthi’s house.she went into the house leaving gikuyu and Karis inside the tinted Toyota.

2hours later, at about 12:30am Mr mbuthi called Gachoka requesting for some milk from the school kitchen.When Gachoka brought the milk he found Ms muthoni seated on the driver’s seat of the Toyota at the parking lot muthoni instructed Gachoka to leave the milk at an adjacent house.

As for Mr mbuthi, he had already been poisoned with xylene, a powerful sedative used in vetinary treatment, as confirmed by government chemist Joyce wairimu

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The plan did not work as Mr mbuthi did not become sufficiently stupefied for Karis and Gikuyu to strangle him.After failure, Ms muthoni drove Karis and Gikuyu to othaya in nyeri for them to board a matatu back to kiambu.

The next day (Saturday) the couple (mbuthi and muthoni) travelled from kiriani to icaciri secondary.they we’re to view some plots at urithi in kiambu on Sunday before mbuthi travelled back to kiriaini where he was needed to pick KCSE examination papers which were to start on Monday.

Once they arrived at icaciri, Ms muthoni excused herself saying she was expecting a percel which had not been reality, Ms muthoni was going to meet a contact who was to give her a stronger stupefying drug.

On Sunday at noon Ms muthoni called Karis telling him that they should meet in ndarugo at uriidhi plots.karis proceeded there and arrived muthoni and a dazed Mr mbuthi arrived shortly after in the Toyota sienta

It is then that Ms muthoni instructed Karis to “finish the job”.angered by Karis hestation, she got to the car sped off and then came back.she instructed Karis to call gikuyu.gikuyu came and they drove off to karakuta coffee farm.

After driving for some minutes, Ms muthoni stopped the car and said “it’s here”.Gikuyu who was seated behind Mr mbuthi took the rope in the car, put it around mbuthi’s neck and pulled it

They then dragged the school principal for about 100m into a small thicjket where they tied his hands and covered mbuthi’s head, upper body and legs with sand gunny

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