Summary Of A Violent Life

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Pray that these campaigns ends wellā€¦ Missing to be in year 2018



Somebody once wrote hawa Ruto,Uhuru na Raila wapewe hiyo ofisi wamalize and then Kenya will now move on.

That somebody is wrong. In a democracy, people do not give things to the noisiest bully. Uhuru and Ruto won and they want to win fairly again, not be forced to share with a person who has been seeking absolute power since 1982 through irregular means. We tried that one in 2008 and it failed.

It failed miserably. It was a ā€˜marriageā€™ which was bound to fail.

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:D:D:D:D:D:D:D you kyuks have gone too far

anyway, sawa. if you insist.

The end result:D:D:D:D[ATTACH=full]40968[/ATTACH]


The leader has a whisky induced hangover and a belly full of Serena steaks, while all the fanatic has is a jembe-stick induced headache and a campaign photo from the leader that was handed to him for the cameramanā€™s sakeā€¦

he heā€¦indeed some particular communities are funny

Actually Moroko is a vaite from Miraa growing zone.