Suicide :Those who remain

If you ever go through it, you will never contemplate suicide again. The people who you leave behind trying to make sense of what happened and why you couldn’t have talked to them.

Its the same stages of grief but it’s complicated grief like miscarriage, abtion, loss by murder and suicide. It feels like a bottomless pit and takes forever to get over. Do not do this to people who love you.

Thing is as the Bible says, there’s nothing new under the sun, whatever you are going through, someone else has been there before you. Go and look for an online community. Look for resources online. Meds like anti depressants are great but nothing is better than talk therapies and prayer.

As long as you are in problem solving mode it’s hard for you to feel in complete despair. Look for solutions. Ask for help. Go online and Google your symptoms. Go to a pastor for prayer. A Christian friend. Just do something.

Suicide is a very unnecessary thing to do because at the end of the day we are all dying, nobody makes it out alive, so killing yourself makes no sense. Whatever is troubling you is an opportunity for growth. It does not matter what anyone says, you can turn things around. You just need to come out of your head and build a bridge to others through your suffering. Others who have been through it. Others who overcame it. Others who have become healers and stronger after it. There’s stories every where of over coming. You can do it too. Doesn’t matter what anyone says. If Victor Frankyl could survive the holocaust, concentration camps, utter hopelessness, perpetual hunger and abuse, death everywhere nothing is insurmountable.

Keep a gratitude journal. When you are in a dark place, it feels like a winter, seems like it will never end, it’s good to go to a sunny place in your mind. That is how people in jail, people who lost limbs, people who lost everything overcame, even people with terminal illness. They focused on what was working in their lives. Focused on the gifts bestowed upon them. Focused on gratitude.

If you are ever in the dark places remember that there’s people who really really love you and your life means alot to them. Don’t pass to them the pain in your life. Look for a way out and you will certainly find it.

As pepe mujica says when asked how he survived 11 years in solitary confinement with not even a book, he says, a man or human is a strong animal when they have convictions. Have the conviction that you are stronger than anything that comes your way in life. And you will be. God bless.

If you are experiencing suicidal ideation call befrienders Kenya 0722178177 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. It’s anonymous and they will offer a shoulder. God is available 24’7 though.