Suicide level

Hello people,am desperately in need of help my life is screwed up. I was working as watchman and the company closed down recently. I am so stressed out as I cannot afford rent and my medications and the people I have been surrounded by live from hand to mouth as well…had so many debts had to sell my sofa,woofer, TV and bed to clear a few… currently want to sell my phone, feel in the verge of my existence, please if you can offer any help please this my number 0113147331[ATTACH=full]359281[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]359282[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]359283[/ATTACH]

Hizi mashida zako kwani haziishangi. Ghaseer!
@Village Grandpa = @KijanaHot

The admin should pin this post. If the person posting is genuine, this is a serious matter.
@Village Grandpa Please call 0722 178 177 for help

@patco anaweza kukusort lakini


What are you employable skills?

Just recently you had 650k ukitaka kuanzisha biashara? Io pesa ilienda wapi? Ulinunua Vitron ikaisha ama. Pole but to me this doesn’t look genuine[ATTACH=full]359287[/ATTACH]

…Things are really tough out there …I really wish we had a way to authenticate this and offer whatever support including job offers ata kibarua

Usipost upuzi hapa tena. Elders, never send any money to a number starting with 011. Mtu yyote anahitaji help afaa awe na 072…
Mtalijua jiji.

What’s up with namba inaanza na 011?Ni fraudulent ama?

Hapo kwa gas @MachaaWaHadithi , atakujazia na deni

Lakini why do you like to enjoy other people misery?

Anyone with a job offer guys am ready to do anything, have no professional skill though

Sent kakitu…


Fresh numbers in the market. Probably bought for the sole purpose of scamming then getting rid of it.

:D:D:D wewe @Addi Teacher hujawahi kua na akili

You’re about to be taken for a ride, good luck! Naona kila conman sasa anataka kucopy template ya Omosh.

These could be images picked anywhere. Write your name on a piece of paper and hold it against the background. You’re not going @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii on us, albeit in a different way.

Ama aekeleanishe hizo karai, afunge suitcase na aekelee pan kwa mtungi apige picha tuamini

Vile @sani amesema…iyo ni number ya either teenager ama scammer. Alafu op ajue majority of us tulianzia life hapo

Avae karai kwa kichwa Kama helmet alafu aandike jina kwa sabuni ndio tuamini