Suicide in the city

There is a case that happened yesterday.
A certain kisii young guy working as a guard with some security company near our office commited suicide. Reason is that the guy decided to try his luck on for a rungu washing expedition. He called some few numbers but finally settled on one answering calls from some hotel in river road near roast house. He proceeded to carry his blue balls there and on arrival he was made to wait for like 30 minutes since the kunguru was handling another client. He waited outside the room number patiently seated on some plastic chair provided to him by the pimp. After 30min two Sudanese guys exited the room and it was now his turn, kumbe the kunguru had been offering a two-some to the Dingas. The guy on entering the room got a shock of his life, the kunguru was non other than his mum. Throughout his life he has been brought up to belief that the mum was a tea girl at some embassy in kilimani but alas! the guy could not believe himself. He came back narrated this story to his colleague, took the next bus to his native home in Kisii bought some two manilla ropes and suspended himself outside his mother’s house in Ekerenyo. What a sad day!

Story doesn’t add up…mara died in the city, or kisii town…well narrated hekaya

Naona kajaba kameshika vilivyo.

Wakisii wako na ushamba mob

Mimi stories zenye zikk na link sichukulii serious

Naona umeanza umama kama mama muzee @ChifuMbitika

Normal day in bonoboland

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