suicide in Parklands cells

wakubwa sijui kama hii mliona ,kabla niambiwe kabla ya Noah.
Anyway I find it difficult to comprehend how this suspect hanged himself one police cell or was it a case of eliminating the main witness/ the judge.[ATTACH=full]190705[/ATTACH]

The police killed this man. I have no doubt about it. Why arrest him if they plan to kill him while he is in their custody?

Isn’t it very ironic that on a completely different occasion and under completely different circumstances, she took a photo outside vigilance house?

Talking of cell, Thursday morning was my first time kurushwa huko… Sema alcoblowww! Was in cell for 7 hours. Kweli experience is the best teacher. At least ilikuwa safi and tulikuwa walevi 7.

Hekaya ni next year. In the meantime see photo below…we had to carry one of us akojoe through that tiny window. There was no ndoo and police alikuwa amelala
Experience za cells zikuje. Leo pombe ni indoors

Why do people give amateurs job,this is just a hoodrat & some low life wannabe crook,just saw the parking lot video and the asshole had a clean shot.

If you were Manning the cell will you accept to guard a dead body knowing the consequences of a prisoner dying in police cell ,wacheni kuona movies na kuamini,kuna watu job imeenda hivyo hadi ya ocs.

Huh? Wrink to the findeo please!

The videos

Jifunze ku puload videos vizuri bwana…what is this?

  1. Go to any anonymous video hsots likeStreamable, or vimeo or
  2. upload video and generate a link.
  3. come to the village and share the link…video will be ready for viewing…

@admin why are u making people have a hard time sharing videos…allow us to share even smaller videos … dont be stingy

As if I am being paid to upload?

:D:D:D:D:D Hii kijiji mko na ufala sana leo, come on its Friday!


pole kizee, kukojoa (A) isokey angaa, shudders to think what happens kama msee anataka kwenda (B) urgently.

Because pro ataitisha pesa mob.

Yes, and we were all laughing at it tukitoka. The guy complained ati he was pressed. Someone else suggested it, went first, halafu yeye.

Kweli, we were lucky.

admin na titkteta tumewazoea. Hii ni kama kuitisha ile mbica ya mbuzi.

And learnt their lesson

Painful to watch a dear friend going through such

So where did you go to court and how much was the fine?