Suicidal Tendencies

Ladies and gentlemen, Im just from Chiromo Motuary to bid my farewell to my dearest friend ‘Amos’.Well, it is without doubt this is the most stress out generation and because of the expectations the society has for us be it financially or relationshipwise,many pple have succumb to it. So dear friends if you have any suicidal thoughts or you are depressed,please share your problem before it is late. Hv a beautiful weekend. Rem to wrap up and play safe XOXOXO:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:


Kujia kamba Bingwa Scrotum

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wewe lord of gays, kwani ur friend didn’t wrap it up and playsafe as you wish us? anyway, ugua pole mzito.


Gothic personality is a clear sign of depression…What is making you sad swirrie??talk to me ill help you…

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You are one disturbed fellow:eek::eek: but thank you anyway

Thanks man nimeugua pole

Mchimba kunyi ungua pole pole

Pole sana.


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